Friday May 24th, 2024
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10 Things You Missed In Today's Fog

Today was a historic day filled with events that would have totally gone viral if only Egyptians were able to see through today's fog.

Staff Writer

10 Things You Missed In Today's Fog

Some crazy fog engulfed Cairo this morning. As such, we missed a whole host of things that went down. It was crazy. Here's what you missed today.

Director of Gods Of Egypt Comes to The Pyramids to Apologise For White-Washing His Film
The director of Gods Of Egypt holds a press conference with Antiquities Minister outside of the Pyramids to personally apologise for white washing Ancient Egypt in his film, and promising to follow it up with a historic film about America’s Independence Day with a exclusively Egyptian cast.


#ThisisEgypt Receives Thousands of New Beautiful Photos of Cairo
Thousands of people take to the streets sharing photos on #ThisisEgypt capturing Cairo’s beauty this morning.


Ultra Ahly and Zamalek Fans Make Historic Peace
For the first time ever, Ahly and Zamalek fans put aside their difference to take to Tahrir to express their shared loved for the game.


President Sisi Selfie Goes ViralOur nation's leader takes his first selfie riding around in one of those new 'hoverboards.'


Pyramids Break A Tourism RecordDespite reports of tourism slipping, Egypt breaks a record for most tourists visiting the pyramids in one day, with over a million tourists visiting the beloved wonder of the world.


 Ramez Galal Returns to Egypt with an Actually Hilarious Prank
Ramez Galal returns to Egypt and organises a prank that appears to prove that Tamer Hosny as musical talent.


 Donald Trump Makes a Visit to Al Ahzar
Donald Trump comes to Al Ahzar to personally try and convince the grand imams to convert to a different religion.


Egypt Hears of Good News for a Change
Nobody was killed or harassed today


Apes Invade Government Institutions
Apes, from The Planet of the Apes, storm government buildings putting an end to Egypt’s bureaucracy and proving that they could run the country more efficiently.


Egypt's Rich Finally Give Back

Egypt’s richest businessmen flock to Egyptian banks to return money made from corrupt dealings back to the public.


Sawiris Finally Finds and Buys an Island for Syrian Refugees 
 Sawiris has finally found an island to relocate Syrian refugees announcing he has outright purchased the island of Zamalak.