Friday March 31st, 2023
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11 Awesome Black Friday Sales in Egypt

Black Friday is upon us. Prepare to shop until you max out your credit card...

Staff Writer

Despite its name, this particular Friday has nothing "black" to it. To Americans, it's the day right after Thanksgiving when everything is 10 times cheaper, and all the dreams of owning anything from 90-inch plasma screen TVs to a golden dragon can actually come true; and quite a cheap golden dragon for that matter.

In the past couple of years, Egyptian brands and websites have luckily started to incorporate this awesome unofficial holiday to earn as much profits as possible, and make our unrealistic Egyptian price standards come true. Get your credit cards out, because we've got you the hottest deals to make the most benefit out of this year's Black Friday.


Souq is discounting almost all of their products from mobile phones, TV screens, laptops, toiletries, makeup removers, and PS4s for up to 50 per cent off. Even ice tanks and pampers are cheaper!


Offers range from mobile phones and tablets to appliances and electronics, each under various discounts. They are also giving you the chance to win a golden iPhone 6S by just registering and sharing their Black Friday posts on Facebook and Twitter with #JUMIABLACKFRIDAY. And the countdown begins over at the fashion department, with only a few hours left until the massacre ends! With a whopping 90 per cent off their designer clothes, Guess bags are 50 per cent off, as well as Ravin' accessories, and much more.


Yashry - Edfa3ly 

Yashry are offering you three ultimate membership coupons. With a monthly fee, you can purchase this coupon on Black Friday and enjoy the discounts all throughout the year off of online prices, international shipping, and customs! You can now choose from Basic Black for 300 LE, Carbon Black for 350 LE, and Extreme Black for 450 LE.

Eight Fitness Club

You know how you've been putting off going to the gym for like, nine years? Now is clearly the time to get fit as Eight Fitness Club is slashing their prices today. 

A Necklace A Day

With everything 20% off, now you can have TWO necklaces every day. Goddammit, you can have ALL the necklaces. Your neck will never be cold again. 

Sonesta Hotel, Tower and Casino

The hotel is celebrating Black Friday by offering discounts on your stays in their Hurghada resorts, Luxor branches, and in Sharm El Sheikh, letting you stay an extra night for free.


Get your hands on your winter boots/uber chic heels/cool loafers/any shoe ever essentially, over at Geox as the shoe giants are gping 30% off for Black Friday!


Celebrating this weekend of awesome discounts, Techbeat are offering you their electronics with prices as low as 170 LE.


Attention all you awesome moms out there; Nefsak are giving you domestic appliances like electronic choppers, kettles, and radiator heaters with an average of 20 per cent off.

Bath and Body Works

Smell nice for half the price with Bath and Body Works' offer of getting double the products for the same price tag!  


Who would have thought eating from Burger King, Auntie Anne'sm or Uncle Luigi would ever get cheaper? This Black Friday, you can order your favourite food for up to 80 per cent off and enjoy a warm night in. We recommend you step off the scales and start eating.


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