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10 Places That Sell Christmas Decorations in Cairo

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and our office is lacking in Christmas decorations, so we brainstormed a list of where to get them.

This morning we came to the office to discover it looks the same as it did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. Apparently we lost track of time and found ourselves in December, the month of Christmas, without any Christmas decorations around the office. After this tragic discovery we quickly called in for an urgent meeting to come up with a list of places to send the office boys - imaginary office boys -  to get us the festive season's essentials. And because we're generous, and we love you, and we're sure some of you are airheaded like us and forgot to buy decorations, we've decided to share the list with you. 

 Hyper One

Hyper One is, well... a hyper market. The market dedicates a whole full section each year just for Christmas decorations; that includes everything from trees to big fat Santas and snowmen.


IKEA is basically the 'it' store for Christmas shopping. The store beautifully crafts and displays the decorations in a way that makes you scream "here take my money." You will though, more than likely, have to assemble it all yourself.

Alfa Market

Alfa is oldest market in Cairo that sells Christmas decorations. Five years ago they used to give out free Christmas goodie bags - if you're in luck, they still might.


Carrefour also dedicates a whole section for Christmas, however a bit bigger and with more variety.

Jumbo Gift & Toys

This chameleon of Zamalek stores, shifts it's produce depending on season. It can easily be missed if you're driving, but if you take a walk down 26th of July and still manage to miss the gaudy holiday paraphernalia bursting at the seems, then we suggest you check your eyesight. 

Home Centre 

 When in doubt go to HomeCentre; seriously, after all, it's a centre for your home.

Christmas Bazaars

Christmas Bazaars are taking over Cairo like crazy! But, to be honest, they don't disappoint. Check them out on our calendar.

Khan El Khalili

Okay, we admit, it doesn't really scream Christmas, but the mysterious old Cairo market has many hidden goods. One of them is the glass blown pieces that can double as home decorations as well as tree ornaments.

Akher El Ankoud in Yamama Centre

If you're feeling a little broke but also want to celebrate, head to Zamalek's Yamama Centre and look for Akher El Ankoud, there you'll find cheap but good Christmas decorations.


Street shopping is the best. Where else are you gonna get to practice haggling? The streets in Korba are also an option if you're broke; there you'll find some stores selling the festive season's stuff and also, well... the festive season's drinks.