Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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12 Arab Hacks That Surpassed Our Expectations

When all else fails, you can count on an Egyptian to (temporarily) solve your dilemma!

Staff Writer

Are you a busy bee? An impatient city dweller? A resourceful Egyptian resident? If you answered yes to the previous questions, then quick fixes are probably your go-to when you’re in trouble. Why do and buy a new water tap when a shisha pipe can do the job? We put together a list of 12 times when Egyptians just couldn’t be bothered to find a permanent solution and we can’t help but marvel at their resourcefulness. 

The Denim thingmabob

Are you broke? Are your jeans old and weary? *Audience nods in unison*. What are you waiting for? Get started on your own denim DIY tooth-paste/toothbrush-holder thingamabob.

Mama's bucket filler

Chapeau. Someone answered the age-old question: How am I supposed to fill the damn bucket, mama?

The bottle light

No one will ever know!

The shisha hanafeya 

No hanafeya? No problem. Get yourself a shisha pipe and thank us later.

The hot water hack

Why buy a heater when you have both running water and a stove? Don’t be prissy, people.

New bike

Can we talk about this person’s level of determination though? A new bike clearly wasn’t an option.

The Coke floatie

If he doesn’t wear a 3awama made strictly out of Coke bottles just so you can wear a life jacket, then he’s not the one.

The watermelon tap

How? We don’t know. But we're convinced. It is watermelon season after-all.

The onion helmet

No exposure to tear-inducing chemicals, no cry. Not today, evil onions. 

No soap thieves. 

You left them no choice, you soap thief.

The hot water candle

What do you mean there's no hot water? A sentence nobody will ever utter in your presence again after you introduce this technique to your household.

The Moka pot kettle

Students, do you relate?