Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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12 Awesome Moments From Sahel Opening Weekend 2016

Day or night, the party never stops in Sahel. So we teamed up with our snap-happy sibling CairoZoom to bring you everything from this summer's opening weekend. Because what happens in Sahel doesn't stay in Sahel...

Staff Writer

What signals the start of summer? Aside from bad tan lines, it's the crazy kickoff party weekend in Sahel that's filled with insane parties and bad decisions. It's the weekend where the entire nation descends upon the seaside and spends 72 hours straight hitting up one party after the other, from sun-soaked poolside bashes to late night shindigs filled with banging beats, belly dancers, and tanned bodies. This year, there were even more shoreside spots - meaning more madness, more mayhem, and more magic. And who else would be there to capture every crazy moment except our sexy snap-happy sis CairoZoom? We teamed up with our lens-loving sibling to bring you everything from Sahel opening weekend. Because what happens in Sahel doesn't stay in Sahel...

Wednesday 6th July

Tabla: Opening Night

That time when Karl Wolf nailed the ultimate Sahel party selfie. Well done butterfly man. This will set the precedent for all future selfies this summer.

The Tap North

A late night dip in the pool with a few Desperados in hand is all anyone ever needs, really. Except for maybe a pet unicorn. 


Thursday 7th July

6ix Degrees: White Party

No, this is not Cirque Du Soleil, but it was pretty darn close. 6ix Degrees kicked off what's sure to be an insane summer of parties with an epic night complete with pole dancers, entertainers flying through the air, belly dancers, glitter, more belly dancers, more glitter, and one very strictly adhered to dress code. Out of this world, to say the least.

The Lemon Tree & Co. Marassi

Teach us your ways oh beautiful sorceress. The Lemon Tree & Co.'s Marassi branch was, as per usual, an incredible visual feast.

The Smokery

Because delicious seafood always tastes better when you're wearing some very on-trend crop tops. 


You may think that we stole a stock image of a really cool laid-back bar in Hawaii but you would be wrong. There were drinks in coconuts though. 

White Coast

Ah them Ghaleb sisters; upping the style ante wherever they go. 


We're just going to put it out there; we never look that fabulous when we're by a body of water. Our hair is usually at least six inches bigger.


Because when you finish partying in the wee hours in the morning, you obviously need to keep on partying. Cue this after hours club. 


Friday 8th of July

6ix Degrees: Signature Night

Because one night of 6ix Degrees is never enough.  

Saturday 9th of July

6ix Degrees: Shek Shak Shok

Well, because two nights of 6ix Degrees are never enough either. Also, Amie Sultan. That's all.  

Martin's Beach Club

What we'd give to that cute couple on the blue floater instead of here at the office about to commit homicide with the stapler.  

All images courtesy of CairoZoom.