Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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12 Best Pizzas in Egypt

Sometimes, all you really need is a Pizza. Every pizza place has this one super awesome pizza that stands out from the rest. We round them up for you so you can stuff you face with the best.

Staff Writer

12 Best Pizzas in Egypt

Who needs significant others when you have pizza? Pizza is a faithful companion throughout the good, the bad and the ugly. It's always there delivered straight to your door. It doesn't judge you, it's always warm, and trustworthy. Pizza doesn't care if you can't get over your ex, and that you haven't showered in days, or that you're farting the whole time you're eating it. It doesn't think that way, it just accepts you with all your flaws.

So for your culinary pleasures we've compiled some of the best non-judgmental, loving, potential lifetime companions. These aren't rankings it's just a list of the best pizzas and where you can get them.

IL Divino's House Special + Jalapeños


You have to like spicy food to enjoy this one. It's quite the pizza with more meat than anyone can handle and enough spice to shake you up, and let you get all introspective about your life and all your recent decisions.

Aperittivo's Bodega pizza

We love La Bodega, we love their drinks, their atmosphere and their vibe. But have you tried their pizza? The house special from La Bodega is quite a contender. 


Maison Thomas' Mexican Pizza

This one is a little easier on the stomach than it is on the eye; the mix of onions, chicken, and corn is just a little much when you're looking at it. The overload of toppings will awaken your lust for life.

Tutti Matti's Italiano


Like we need to take this any further describing the bliss that is everything coming out of this establishment's kitchen, but just in case you need convincing feast your eyes on this beauty.

 Olivo's Bresola 

Olivo is one of our favourite pizza spots, although it doesn't deliver, sometimes you just have to go that extra step for a slice of heaven (you can eat at the pizzeria and bar or take your pizza to go. With limited seats, this is a place where you can take a date, a couple of friends, or go alone to get a few beers to wash down what's clearly one of this city's best.

  Papa John's Chicken Florentine

 Ahhhh, the sought after holy grail of pizza worthy of a Dan Brown novel. The pizza sauce is imported, therefore this baby is hard to acquire, you just have to keep calling and calling and hope that one day they answer with a yes. If spinach chicken is your jam, then keep dialing.

Pepenero's Italiano

 Set in the heart of Korba, this is as close as it gets to being in Italy without having to go through border or visa control. Pepenero also has a a full menu of great Italian food, that will leave you satisfied but for the sake of this list try the pizza there, it's great.

LaBomba's Spicy Salami

Here's another entry that doesn't look very appealing, especially with the spicy mayo sauce going around the pizza in circles (you can ask for it sans spicy sauce). However, if you get past the appearance, this pizza is quite appetising.

Lujo's Mushroom Truffle

Need we say more? Lujo's pizzas are known for their key gourmet ingredients and this one doesn't differ much; fresh ingredients like arugula and mushroom will make you yearn for more all the time.

2 toppings pepperoni stuffed crust from Pizza Hut

This one is for the creative type, you call them you ask for a margarita, then you ask for two extra toppings of pepperoni, but you ask for the pepperoni to be on top of the cheese (order Cheese Lovers for extra kick) so it creates a crunch bacon like texture, and of course that will be stuffed crust, you're welcome.


Mandarine Koueider's Margherita


 If you thought Mandarine Koueider only served desserts and top notch ice-cream well we think you should re-consider. Mandarine Koueider also has one of the country's best Pizzas.

Vinny's Pizza Cake

When we tweeted Vinny's with a photo of a pizza cake, they went ahead and made it. There are few words needed to describe it, just look at that photo.