Thursday June 1st, 2023
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12 of the Funniest Things Egyptian Parents Send on WhatsApp

Our parents are weird creatures, and even weirder on their phones...

Staff Writer

We all love our parents. They are the ones who raised us, tucked us in at night, and made sure we didn't starve. They’re good peoples. However, once you grow up, you realise that they were not made for social media - or any form of digital communcation. Why are you sending me a picture with pink and red roses and text that says 'I Miss You' over it, Mom? I just saw you two seconds ago in my room, Mom.

We all love our family, but sometimes, just sometimes, they get a little weird on WhatsApp. Plus, parents are naïve humans and when it comes to technology, all hell breaks loose. Twelve photos of kittens in one day, four messages asking if you've eaten, and oh man if they discover the voice note icon – god be with you young one. Admit it, you’ve all had that moment where you’ve received five voice notes of the same request in different versions.

Here are some of the sheer gems our parents send us... 

The Good Morning Texts


The Health and Hygiene Texts




So Many Babies


The Religious Texts


The Eid Texts

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