Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

13 Spots In Cairo To Get Killer Hot Chocolate

Our tireless efforts to find the perfect cup of hot cocoa have taken us to these thirteen places across the city!

Staff Writer

13 Spots In Cairo To Get Killer Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is for wussies, no question about it, but beneath all the bravado, we are all just a bunch of wussies secretly craving the universal beverage and there is no shame in that. Okay, maybe a little bit of shame. Anyway, once again, CairoScene has come through for you! We compiled a list of all the places where you can enjoy the town's finest hot cocoa. You're welcome. 

Cafe Supreme
A sip of this carefully concocted hot chocolate will make your problems go away and bring to mind memories of simpler, less complicated times, when you didn't have to pay taxes and Iran didn't have a nuclear weapon. Good times. 

Tutti Matti
This homey restaurant is a little slice of Italy in the heart of Cairo. Tutti Matti's hot chocolate definitely made its way to our hearts and minds through our digestive systems, a cup of  their chocolate will make you feel as if you have died and gone to Italian heaven.   

The modern European restaurant/café has garnered rave reviews for its authentic artisan food and it’s time someone recognised its hot chocolate’s awesomeness. Topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, this hot beverage will undo all the emotional damage that has been done to you throughout your adulthood.  


The coffee shop franchise boasts not one, but two varieties of hot chocolate: Rich Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate; the first is basically hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and the latter is a blend of white chocolate, coconut and hazelnut. Yes, we know it seems like it should be the other way around. But it's not. Get over it.   

Nola CupcakesNola Cupcakes have more than cupcakes up their sleeves; they have thick, rich, creamy, hot chocolate that basically feels like drowning in melted chocolate.

On the Run

The convenience store chain is seldom associated with excellence, but On the Run managed to capture our attention for as long as it took us to gulp down its delicious heart-warming hot chocolate!

We don’t even need to elaborate on why Crave has one of city’s best hot chocolate drinks; the upscale restaurant has carved its name into Plymouth Rock, or the Egyptian equivalent of that! The hot beverage is served in a jar cup topped with marshmallows and colourful sprinkles. It’s basically Christmas in a cup.       

Cinnabon’s hot chocolate melts your heart with its creamy texture and consistency; it's like your boyfriend hasn’t even dumped you for a perky blonde half your dress size.


Segafredo’s hot chocolate makes our world go round, we would be totally lost and far more emotionally damaged without it.


Where do we begin? Paul is an experience, if you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ve probably had your Real Housewives-like rage over your boyfriend’s eye contact flirting moves with lissom Parisian women at bistros, soothed by the sight of the waiter approaching with your hot chocolate. That’s how good Paul’s hot chocolate is.    

Sweets & Treats

This cosy little restaurant offers three varieties of the hot beverage, white, dark & milk chocolate! All infused with chocolatey warmth. Hallelujah!


Qahwa's hot chocolate is a heartwarming blend of bittersweet cocoa and rich creamy milk. Not for the faint of heart.  

Mandarine Koueider

This is one of our favourite hot chocolates in town for a very simple reason; it is made with excellent ingredients! MK doesn't get stingy with cocoa and the milk which gives the beverage its signature consistency and texture.