Thursday June 8th, 2023
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20 Workshops Happening in Cairo This Month

You know what they say, you live and you learn! So here are 20 fun learning opportunities happening in Cairo this month.

Staff Writer

One never stops learning; from the minute you are born to your dying day, you learn, you grow and you change. There is nothing, however, more rewarding than learning something you are passionate about, so here are 20 workshops taking place around Cairo this month for you to discover what really makes you tick. So get off your mother's couch and get out of those stinky sweat pants and find out who you really are!     

Tai Chi, Pilates & Hip Hop Dances @ CCDC

Haaiiiiiia. Wohohaaw. Namaste. A'aa'aah. We just basically relived all the sound effects of Tai Chi, Pilates, and Hip Hop sessions put together at the CCDC for you. But for more info on how to actually become a magnificent flexible gangsta'.

Hip-Hop Classes - Layla Ghaleb @ Soul Motion

The idea that the whole Ghaleb family been sipping on a fountain of talent has just become some sort of a fact. The little Layla Ghaleb is taking her own spot in the limelight, teaching a Hip-Hop course for dancing fanatics above 14 years of age. We'll have you know Layla isn't just the baby sister of fashionista Ms. Hadia Ghaleb, but she's also learnt her craft in Urban Dance Camp in Lörrach, Germany, as well as Millennium Dance Complex in Chicago, Illinois.

Indian Classical Dance Workshop @ Darb 1718

It would surprise you how much we share with Indians; belly shakes, spicy food, and tanned skin, no? Appreciate the Indian classical art with a workshop about Hindustani classical tunes with Kathak dance style, and find the connecting strings between Indian and Arabic styles of dance. Just be careful because one wrong dance move and you've probably offended a whole race 

AcroYoga Weekend in Fayoum

Yoga wisdom, acrobatic power, and Thai Massage in the land of Fayoum; sound extra heavenly? The relaxing Yogi trio Sarah Yassin, Ahlam Serhan and Ivan Vratskikh will be taking you on a dynamic partner trip through relaxation in the eco-friendly retreat camp close to Fayoum's beautiful Magic Laketo work on your alignment, flexibility (wink), and learn the basic positions (wink wink).

Nile Yoga Sessions Season V @ Mandala Yoga

Serene mornings by the Nile mostly involve a bucket of termes and lots of hommos sham. Give your gebna roomy-filled bellies a good relaxing stretch with the Nile Yoga sessions every morning for the next couple of months. You are totally allowed some halabessa afterwards.

 Voiceless Pantomime Workshop @ Miramar

Because there are things more scary in life than a clown; a silent one. Get over your fears and learn the art of pantomime - just make sure not to break the invisible glass goddammit. 

Street Photography by Karim El Hayawan

Carrying a professional camera all over the streets needs to start being encouraged and supported. The origins of street photography came from the 1850's where it took a classical path and pioneered, which is what Karim El Hayawa is hoping to revive in Egypt through this course. You are expected to have the basic knowledge of how a camera works beyond selfies, and the sky is your limit. Literally!

The Mesh Workshop @ Medrar

Is this a How to Eat Mesh: For Dummies? If so, how many regheefs should we bring? It is actually a workshop for video art and expiremental films, which would go perfect along with our mesh snacks.

Drama Games: Acting Workshop by Shady El-Dali

Not everyone who wants an Oscar can just march up to Leonardo DiCaprio and ask him aboutz itz. Shady El-Dali will be giving you the tools and sacred methods to convince watchers of your storytelling and improvisation. You'll also be getting over your stage fright fears with a small performance at the end of the workshop. So, whatza bouts it?

The Young Photographer Workshop @ Photopia

Innocence often goes along quite perfectly with creativity. Who says the sun is yellow? IT'S PURPLE! Let your child grow up without any mental issues and give him the chance to explore the world through his own eyes with this photography workshop for the youth. Meashots will teach your kid how to use his unique visual awareness for self-expression, and all the basics of digital photography.

How to Make a Photo Book @ Photopia

Kol wa7id shayef nafso fanan kda yareet yrakiz ma3aya. Clicking on the capture button on your phone or camera does not make you Negm el Fananeen. How you take the photo and what you do with it makes all the difference in the world. Want to be a real fanan? Photopia is giving you that opportunity with their three-day workshop led by the one and only Xenia Nikolskaya; Russian - Swedish photographer and visual artist.

Expressive Art @ Art Cafe Zayed

Madonna loves expressing herself, so you should automatically do so too. Unlock your inner Picasso with this artsy course that will teach you all the basics in order to find freedom in expressing yourself, and find confidence in all of your true colours with interior design guru Nadia Shoukry.

Mandala Drawing On Sea Rocks @ Art Cafe Maadi

Cut out those long 'umms' and that underground dog position stuff; who says only yoga can bring out that little Buddah inside of you? For real serenity, give your Buddahs the paintbrush for some mandala drawing action on ROCKS.

Cooking for Kids by Lulu's Kitchen @ SANE

If only someone would've taken us by the hand and forced us to learn more about cooking at a younger age, we wouldn't be sipping on hot Top Ramen every night of the week. Lulu's Kitchen is securing your child's future eating habits with instructor Alia Askalany teaching your kids about Fresh Pasta, and Breakfast Club.

Lulu's Kitchen: Cosy Cooking Classes

Lulu's Kitchen is a new cooking class concept. The idea is to learn different yummy dishes, not necessarily in order or in a form of a course – but always in a cosy setup, and with very interesting and useful tips weaved in. Catch the budding chef's classes over at Sane Egypt and get cooking!

Fashion 101 by Malak El Ezzawy @ Sane

Nobody like a working mom could teach how to get things done, which is why our lovely Malak El Ezzawy is putting down poopie diapers and diving into the fashion-teaching world headfirst. Get ready to know all the secrets about couture, turning basic t-shirts into sexy crops, and taking on the wedding season sans the bridezillas.

Jewellery, Wire Work @ Art Cafe Maadi

Find the Azza Fahmy in you, and bring her right out. This course will be teaching you all about wire work - sans the laptops-, and how to give your jewels personalities. After studying in the College of Applied Arts in Cairo University, and the Arab Society for Applied Arts Designers, designer Wafaa Ibrahim is compressing her six-year experience into twenty five days worth of glamorous mentoring.

Ancient Egyptian Star Maps @ The GrEEK Campus

The only time you get to actually see stars in the beautiful - polluted - city of Cairo is when your head is smacked. Hard. Or when you've just woken up after a long night of play. This workshop will be unveiling the ancient Egyptian stars before they were entirely contaminated with toktok waste, and it will be divided into two consecutive partitions. The first will discuss Pre-dynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt, and the latter will explore The New Kingdom. Reminder: Your Cleopatra eyeliner should be on point.

Tabla Workshop for Beginners & Professionals

Dom tak tak dom tak dom dom tak tak.... Grab a tabla ta7t baatak or mabeen fekhadak. Crack those knuckles and get ready if you want to be a tabla pro, join the workshop for beginners by Hany Morgan

Contact Improvisation Workshop w/ Olaf Kehler

Enough with that pointless hishtik beshtik that we call dance. Dance is about releasing your soul and sharing each bodily movement with purity and sincerity - and somebody sexy. Olaf Kehler is inviting you to be part of the magic with his two-day Contact Improvisation workshop at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre. You can totally still hishtik beshtik though, just the right way.