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5 Places Around Cairo to Find Morgan Freeman

Here's where you should loiter like a creeper if you hope to run into the actor...

Morgan Freeman has been freely roaming the streets of Cairo like a brilliant soothing-voiced unicorn and all know that all anyone wants is to capture him - in an Instagram snap obviously. Now if you want to track down the actor, you're going to have to put in some serious stalking time. Here are five places Morgan Freeman went to visit while he's here on vacation, immersing himself in Egyptian culture and filming a National Geographic documentary titled Story of God. Now maybe he won't be heading to any of these places a second time around BUT on the off chance that he is, this is where you should loiter like a creeper if you hope to run into him...

Al-Hussein Mosque

Here he is courteously taking off his shoes before entering the mosque, abiding to standard religious manner and cultural tradition. (Copyright: AlMogaz)

Cairo Egyptian Museum

Here's Morgan listening to an archaeologist explain an artifact. Perhaps we could listen with you Morgan.  (Copyright: Mohamed El Raai)

El Fishawy Cafe in Khan El Khalili

Wouldn't be a genuine Cairo visit without a trip down oriental town. Order endless shishas. Read a novel. Just wait. We're sure Morgan will be back. If you get bored, imagine his voice. (Copyright: Hossam Ghaly)

This Bridge
Not sure where on a bridge mid-shooting the documentary. Just hit up every bridge in the city; surely he'll be on one of them. (Copyright: Exclusive Stars)
Kasr El Nil bridge

Here's Morgan mid-shoot on Kasr El Nil bridge - maybe same location as previous mystery bridge? Oh well. We can see some more curious Egyptians here, who would certainly kill to wave into the camera at their friends or in hopes of this being their lucky break. Not this time though, smart angle lads! Wouldn't be surprised if the entire documentary is filmed at the edge of one platform or another where no one can stand behind Freeman. (Copyright: Hossam Ghaly)


Main Image Copyright: TheCairoPost