Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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5 Places Where You Can BYOB Around Cairo

Looking for a place in Cairo to chill with some friends where you can bring your own bottle but don't have to pay the extortionate price of bouchon is a toughie. So we've compiled a list of places where you can BYOB! You're welcome.

Staff Writer

Life's a struggle when it comes to finding the right spot to chill when going out with friends; too expensive, too small, too horrible. All we want is a place where we can bring our bottle of Chivas and have a good laugh, without being in our houses or a dark street somewhere or a really expensive restaurant where we've had to pay as much as the actual bottle just to get it in. We decided to go around the city and finally have results; here's a list of five places where you can BYOB without paying a bajillion pounds on bouchon. 

The Greek Club 

The Greek Club has a beautiful view of Downtown with delicious food and great vibes. It’s the spot to hit in wust el balad if you’re going out with a big group of friends.

Tabla Luna

Located in Maadi, this Latin American bistro serves a variety of classic dishes from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Bolivia that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. You can enjoy a drink while having dinner with your significant other or on a night out with friends. Bring your wine, bring your vodka, bring whatever tickles your fancy. Their authentic flavours are just what you need while having a drink. Buen provecho!

Villa Belle Époque

The name portrays what this place is all about; 'Belle Époque' is the French term for beautiful era. The hotel contains around 13 rooms around a courtyard with a small pool. You can have lunch in the garden area; prices are slightly high, however, food is at European standards and will make you forget you’re in Cairo. You’ll enjoy a drink with your friends in the winter breeze without any disruptions from the outside world.

La Rosa

If you haven’t tried their pizza, you’re definitely missing out, especially if you add a bottle of beer. Best. Combo. Ever. You can even see the wooden pizza oven so it's guaranteed to be quality food. You’ll definitely get a taste of Italy in this quaint spot!   

A Felucca 

Do we really need to explain? What happens on the Felucca stays on the Felucca (as long as you bribe the Feluccateer). You can have your music, food, drinks, and the Nile; what more do you need?

Happy drinking!