Saturday May 25th, 2024
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5 Roadside Assistance Apps in Egypt That Will Rescue You From Car Troubles

Thank god for smartphones, eh?

Staff Writer

5 Roadside Assistance Apps in Egypt That Will Rescue You From Car Troubles

We've all been there before; you're on the road, contently going about your day, thanking the lord that traffic is a little better than usual. Then BAM - next thing you know, your car's broken down, and you're left stranded. Well, what do you do? Here's a list of emergency roadside assistance apps that will come save your day in the quickest time possible and are all available on both iPhone and Android. 


Need somebody to tow your car? Mayday, as their name entails, is here to save the day. Just download the location-based service app onto your phone, make a request, and they'll be able to supply you with new tires, a jump start, or enough fuel to help get you to the nearest gas station, even if at the dead of night.

Mayday boasts of their transparent pricing, and like Uber, they also have the option of different payment methods, in case you don't have cash on you during your moment of desperation.

Services include: Towing your car - Changing your car's tire - Jump starting your car - Fuel delivery.

Waiting time: 30 minutes.

Price: Base fee of EGP 50 + Service you need.

Where: Cairo, Giza, Ain Sokhna Road, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.


Pirelli's all about safety and control. With this tire and wheel app, they provide all the tips you need to help you deal with your tire, or any driving skills you need to learn, as well as the latest road updates.

While their app doesn't send you their own personalised trucks, they will still help you locate and call the nearest tow truck service or car dealer. They will also offer advice on how to check your tire pressure, what to do if you run flat, or the dangers of the car's blind spot.

Services include: Tire catalogue: they'll tell you what kind of tire you need for your car. - Dealer locator all over Cairo and in other countryside areas like Tanta and Dakahila. - On-road emergency: they'll connect you to a third-party towing and roadside assistance companies, not affiliates of Pirelli.- Tire converter (understanding your tire's diametre, your wheel's diametre, the tire width, and tire height).

Waiting time: 24-48 hours.

Price: EGP 250 (delivering and changing your tires).

Where: Cairo and Giza.


EnQaz, as the name says it, is here to rescue you. EnQaz is a web and mobile on-demand roadside assistance platform that will provide all the services you need for when you're screwed on the road.

Whether you want to change your tires, jump start your car, or tow it away or back home, you can do so by making a request through EnQaz's app. You don't have to worry about being late for work if your car breaks down either, because EnQaz has got your back, especially in tough times.

Services include: Nearest tow truck delivery - Changing your tire at the nearest car-facility - Jump starting your car.

Waiting time: Depends on your location; the time is determined in the app.

Price: EGP 120+.

Where: Cairo and Giza.


Fit & Fix, a roadside assistance service app, is as honest as it gets when it comes to service and quality. While their services are limited, they pay attention to the quality of their products, to ensure that you don't get screwed later that month on the road again.

Through their mobile app, you can order your tires online, book their mobile service van, or even check out their nearest showroom. They're constantly updating their business to include more repair services, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for their new offers.

Services include: Precision demounting and dismounting - Nitrogen inflation - Tire repair - Precision tire balancing - Tire rotation - Wheel alignment - Batteries - Oil changing  - AC Freon recharge.

Waiting time: 15 minutes.

Price: EGP 120 – 300 (depending on the service).

Where: New Cairo and 6 October.


It might be seasonal, but the great thing about UberRescue is that most of us already have the app on our phone. The ride-hailing service launched the collaboration with local business Nacita Autocare in 2017 for that most dreaded of all times, Sahel Season.

You can access it through the Uber app, by choosing a fake or no destination, and then clicking on the UberRescue icon. Nacita Autocare will then call you to get a better understanding of your situation, then send their Nacita Autocare mini-van to come wherever you are - and they go as far as the infamous Sahle Road. Just make sure you have network coverage...

Services include: Changing spare tires - Jump starting your car's dead battery - Replacing valve stem - Wheel balancing (for the sports enthusiasts) - Puncture repair - Purchasing new tire or car battery. 

Waiting time: within minutes.

Price: Base fee of EGP 50 + Service you need.

Where: Cairo, Giza and Sahel Road.

Safe travels...knock on wood.