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6 Top Escape Rooms in Cairo

Escape 'em all. As Cairo gets infatuated with getting incarcerated in differently-themed rooms, we compiled a list of all the different places offering to lock you up.

It's a raging trend that's been taking over Cairo lately; these escape rooms, to our delight, seem to keep popping up. If you haven't tried this experience yet then you're definitely missing out. We've compiled a list of the six places that are offering you this entertaining concept so, go ahead, take your pick.
UK-based Escape Room claims to be the biggest escape concept in the world, with over 24 branches worldwide. Escape Room Egypt say they are the only franchised place to offer such an experience, with four rooms ranging in themes and difficulty with challenges including 'Prison Break' and 'The Secret Lab'. They also have a social area where you can host corporate events, private events like birthdays, or team building events. They are located in Heliopolis. 
Trapped Egypt claim to be the UK's highest rated escape room brought to Egypt to cater to your incarceration fantasies. They offer several rooms, including 'The Vault' and 'Quarantined', a myriad of mind-teasing games, and your party has to include a minimum of three people and a maximum of six. They are located in the Fifth Settlement. 
BreakOut was the first escape room to open up in Egypt. According to them, they offer you a real room escape experience where they will challenge your mind with beguiling puzzles that will challenge your intellect. Located in the Fifth Settlement. 
The Room are not a franchise, and they take pride in that - they have designed and built all their rooms themselves with meticulous care. They've taken care to differentiate between each customer and try to give them the experience that suits them. Their rooms are family friendly since their are no scary surprises and they are more based on brain teasers than they are on scaring the living daylights out of you, like some other escape rooms in the city. They are located in 6th of October City. 
Escapers is a unique escape concept with different rooms to engage your skills. They cater to families and friends, team builders, students and classes, and most importantly gamers and geeks. They require a minimum of two individuals and a maximum of five. If you are under the age of 14, you will need to be accompanied by an adult. They are located in New Cairo.

Escapology is a very unique escape concept, completely designed by the owners so all the clues and themes are truly unique. They claim that you won't find the same themes anywhere else. They offer different difficulty levels to the little ones making the rooms easier depending on their age. They have a social area, and they offer group attempts for companies to give their employees a challenge they can solve as a team. The feedback they received from customers who have been to other escape concepts and attempted their Hitler room is that it's the hardest room they have tried, with only a five per cent success rate. They are located in El Sheikh Zayed.