Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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6 Apps to Help You Get Spiritual

Ohhmmmmm. No for real, who would have thought that it would be technology that would help us move towards spirituality? Here are 6 apps that will help you find your inner Zen.

Staff Writer

In the midst of Cairo's chaos it can be sometimes rather challenging to take that meditation class you've been wanting to take for months, or make it to that yoga class on time. Though with the hustle and bustle of working in a metropolitan city you may not manage to physically make it to these places, we still have many tools at our disposal - yet we choose to take that selfie or watch some cat video instead of utilising those precious free moments for self nurture and growth. So we at CairoScene went all ohm for you and picked out the best 5 apps to help you get a little stillness and peace of mind, in a city that knows none.  

Calm (Free to try, with yearly subscription $40)

This app includes a 7-day free introductory course into mindful meditation, ten nature scenes to choose from to help you relax and over 50 premium guided meditations to help you with an array of things, from sleeping to concentration. This app encapsulates the essence of meditation in all its beautiful forms, presented in an easy nice way for beginners.  

Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds (Free to try) 

This app has two different settings; one for sleeping and the other for waking up in an optimum way (they both offer you an array of sounds to sleep/wake up to). Get the sleep you deserve and wake up full of energy; with loads of guided meditations and a number of different brainwave types to choose from you're definitely going to feel a difference in your cycle immediately. 10 million users can't be wrong. 

Yoga Studio ($3.99)

Voted runner up of Best Fitness & Lifestyle App in 2012 and 2013, Yoga Studio has 65 ready-made yoga & meditation classes with HD videos - or you can create your own unique classes with a library of over 280 poses with detailed advice and instructions, and a schedule so you never miss a day. This is just like being in a yoga class, from the comfort of your home. 

Waterlogged (Free to try)

Drinking water is really important - 8 glasses a day. We often walk around in a shitty mood, not sure why we are experiencing certain pains, physical or emotional, when all you really need is to just chill out and have a glass or two of water. With this app constantly reminding you and showing your target and how much more you need to drink, you can make sure to never under drink.


Subliminal (Free to try, and then $6 a session or $180 subscription/year)

It's almost shocking how well this app works - through the reprogramming of the subconscious mind you can treat a number of ailments from anxiety to depression. It can also help with weight loss, positive mind set, and healthy life style promotion. The 30-minute recorded sessions of ambient music include whispered words that are supposed to be picked up by your subconscious mind. We've tried it and as unorthodox as it may seem, it really helps. 

Gratitude Journal ($3.99)

It seems like the easiest thing in the world to habitually blurt out complaints about nothing all the time, and we know that yes, Cairo does make that very easy task, but when you're constantly complaining and vibrating on that level of negativity, it can really bring you and everyone around you down, and it can become a habit that you practice daily without even noticing. With a gratitude journal kept daily, it can be very easy to break the cycle and trick your mind into seeing the beauty that exists in everyday life, even in Cairo.