Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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7 Adorably Fun Fall Festival Moments

The Metropolitan School in New Cairo had a full-out Fall Festival, with lots of kids dressed in cute costumes - and a blood donation drive!

Staff Writer

7 Adorably Fun Fall Festival Moments

Fall festivities of the fun and colourful sort transformed the Metropolitan School in New Cairo on October 29th as they threw their second annual Fall Festival. A fall carnival brimming with all things orange and black, the festival saw tons of kids, parents, families, and teachers dressed up in costumes and enjoying the plethora of activities and games. In standard fall festivity fashion, there was mask-making and Jack O'Lantern carving, and some classic games were Halloween-ed up to fit the theme – like 'pin the nose on the witch'. It didn't end at arts and crafts, though; Hamley's brought their life-sized toys and dressed-up staff to the festival, which of course left the kids giddy, because who doesn't love a life-sized toy store.

While the kids were probably a bit perplexed at this addition, a blood donation booth was set up by the Egyptian National Blood Transfusion Centre. Hey, it's a great way to raise awareness and do good through the festival; maybe it could be justified to the kids as the fun fall equivalent of Dracula sucking people's blood... but for good!

Anyway, it was wicked fun for adults and kids alike, with things like an expat teacher's station and awesome entertainment; these were some of our favourite moments:

The corn vendor enjoying live music.

Glitter, arts, and crafts for the kids.

Kids loving Hamley's race car track.

Orange Jack O'Lanterns made by the kids.

Being all powerful in your costume and not getting scared.

The cutest witch in all of the land.

The awesome doctor at the Blood Drive.

Photography by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photographer: Ahmed Najeeb