Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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7 Hilarious Social Media Reactions to Fifi Abdo's Outlandish 5LE/Day Claim

Clearly, Fifi Abdo lives in a different dimension, and Egyptians took to social media to hilariously call her out on her claims that Egyptians can afford to live on 5 LE per day...

Staff Writer

Well, Fifi Abdo never ceases to entertain us, that's for sure! It seems like every time we decide she is no longer the topic of the hour, she stops and throws something new at us. In her latest public statement, Fifi Abdo says that we don't need to worry about skyrocketing prices because we can all survive on just 5LE a day. Yes, she really said that! Maybe that's the secret behind why she is so rich, she might actually be living on just 5LE a day. Are you saving a little something for a rainy day ya Fifi? Sure you can get 2 foul sandwiches and a ta3meya sandwich for 5LE, if you can live on that one meal a day. We don't need to tell you more, social media has done its part very well, as usual. 


"So Fifi Abdo says Egyptians can live on 5LE a day. No sweetie, we can live on 5 kisses 5 how are you's, or 5 excuse me's."


"So you think we can live on 5LE a day: why didn't you think of that a long time ago before you started a career in belly dancing?" 


"The saint Fifi Abdo says we can live on 5LE a day. No we can't; we can live on 5 kisses, 5 how are you's, or 5 spirits to possess you."


"She says 5LE is enough for her. Well, I guess wasn't enough when your name was still 3ateyat!" 


"Hahaha, or we can just live on 5 kisses." 


"Fifi Abdo talks about general price increases... No! You can live with your 5 kisses, but we are normal citizens! The last thing we need is for the 'Excuse Me' lady to share her opinion!"


"The perfect mother."