Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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7 New On Point Arab Emojis You'll be Using Every Day

Because the little dancer emoji just doesn't cut it when you desperately need to let out a nice long zaghroota.

Staff Writer

We have too many movies, too many proverbs, too many 'kol sana wenta tayeb's, too many lies, and too many truths, and we often take pride in this culture where we are constantly expressing ourselves through art and media. We're probably the only region in the world who abuses movie screenshots memes, and we're also the only ones with moms who find the need to send you saba7 el kheir on a flower on WhatsApp (as opposed to the other saba7 el kheir with a shebsheb in real life because you're still sleeping). That's why innovative childhood friends Egyptian developer Sharif Aboulnaga and Palestinian satellite and communication engineer Omar Diab came together with a talented group of designers to come up with the ArabMoji (yes, Arab emojis) app.

"We started researching current and upcoming trends, and we saw how much emojis were growing. We wanted something that is simple and has longevity and can be used on a day-to-day basis," Aboulnaga tells us. And yes, they caught the one thing we love doing – not using words and just sending emojis and images back and forth. The co-founders understand that, with the Middle Eastern culture, sometimes there is a gap in how we use applications and how relevant we find them. At times, the apps are not available, and sometimes, they force you subscribe – but, with Arabmoji, you don't actually have to worry about it. Their focus was how Egyptian-to-Egyptian, or Arab-to-Arab communication and conversations can be improved in this day and age. Can we just cut to the chase and show you our personal favourites? *drum roll*



You can download their app via their Facebook page @ArabMojiApp.