Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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7 Egyptian Actresses Who Are Natural Beauties Without Makeup

Who needs mascara?

Staff Writer

Being an actress or a public figure often comes with a long list of unreasonable requirements when it comes to physical appearance, especially for women. Those who spend their lives in the public eye find that there are - highly unrealistic - so called 'standards' of beauty imposed on them. Should they gain three quarters of a kilo, or be caught in public without three inches of makeup on their face, they can probably expect some serious scrutiny. But these seven women are proudly flaunting their natural beauty - sans mascara and co. - and prove that makeup or not, they look just as gorgeous - and a whole lot more relatable.  

Nelly Karim


 Ghada Adel


Tara Emad


Jamila Awad 

Sherine Reda


Yosra ElLozy


 Menna Shalaby