Monday June 24th, 2024
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7 Things that had a Higher Turnout than Egypt's Parliamentary Elections

The parliamentary elections' shockingly low turnout thus far got us thinking...

Staff Writer

7 Things that had a Higher Turnout than Egypt's Parliamentary Elections

Turnout for the elections these past two days were unprecedented - in terms of the almost non existent participation from a disgruntled public. The 2.27% turnout (some publications are listing it as high as 13% but still, that's not really anything to write home about) was the true barometer of either a frustrated or very apathetic public. So in true CairoScene fashion we like to remain positive and make lists. So here are seven other events that had low turnouts yet somehow managed to draw more of a crowd than the elections. If only the government offered to give out free doughnuts at the polling stations makansh da ba2a 7al el balad.

The Egyptian Soccer Cup Finals between Ahly VS Zamalek - When Fans were Banned

This one obviously had a low turnout, seeing as how fans weren't allowed to attend. However a few people attended; friends of the players and their spouses and kids. Despite the low turnout there were still more people attending than the parliamentary elections.


Dreampark on a Tuesday

This one is a given seeing as most of the crowd that frequents Dreampark are students who can't go on Tuesdays. Despite that fact, the amusement park will have more attendees on any given Tuesday than the elections.


A 10 AM Showing at the Cinema

Although the preferred showtime for kids ditching school, this showtime is as dead as baggy pants and basketball jersey combo, but not as dead as the parliamentary elections.


This Tree in the Middle of the Sea in Marsa Alam

On its least crowded days you can still find a few tourists here, that, if instead of going to vacation went to the elections, it would have been a completely different monster.

The Gym after Sahel Season

Where did all the iron-pumping gym fiends go once they didn't need to maintain that formet el Sahel bod? Not to the polling stations, that's for sure. 


 This Gas Station on the Road to Nuweiba

You know that one that usually carries one type of gas, the extinct 80, that leaves you baffled in the pits of an existential crisis. Do I fuck up my car and maybe get home, or just let it run out of gas and spend the rest of my life getting to know people at this village? 


Any School in Egypt on a Friday

Sometimes students go to collect items they've forgotten and sometimes teachers go to grade some papers and get some work done, other times the janitor is there getting the school all clean and ready. Regardless of who is where doing what, you will usually find more people inside the school on a Friday, than inside the school for the polls.