Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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7 of the Best Places in Cairo to Buy Lingerie

Valentine's Day is coming up; you should probably ditch the granny panties.

Staff Writer

7 of the Best Places in Cairo to Buy Lingerie

If you were looking to get your hands on some decent (or otherwise) lingerie a decade ago in Cairo, you had to either order it online or just resort to cheap, flimsy, garish, and locally-made, not to mention allergenic, imitations that almost ruined your already sluggish sex life. Don't take any chances this Valentine's Day. your struggle for 'inner beauty' has come to an end with Cairo's lingerie market expanding more than ever before, attracting local and international high-quality lingerie brands. Here's a list of the best lingerie brands Cairo has to offer its kinky female population today.

Victoria's Secret

A man once tried to buy lingerie for his wife back in the 70s, and the experience was less than pleasant, so he decided to launch a lingerie store where men can feel comfortable leering at women's undergarments. That's when Victoria's Secret came into existence. The renowned brand then went on to become America's biggest lingerie retailer ever, further expanding in other cities around the world, Cairo included. There are now two Victoria's Secret stores in Cairo where women and men can comfortably look at kinky things.

Tel: +202 24803690
City Stars Mall, Heliopolis
Cairo Festival Mall, New Cairo

Nada Adel Apparel

It was only a matter of time before Egyptian designers conquered the sexy business. Egyptian designer Nada Adel took on the challenge with her exotic luxurious lingerie designs infused with delicate elegance. In case you're feeling special, you can order the designer's Demi Couture special edition pieces.

For orders, visit Nada Adel's Facebook here.


This Spanish women's undergarments retailer also first opened in the late 70s - seems like lingerie was everything anyone could think about back then. Headquartered in Catalonia, the exquisite brand now has 575 stores worldwide, 3 of which are in Cairo.

Tel: +0238260113
Phase 1, City Stars Mall, Heliopolis
Level 2, Cairo Festival Mall, New Cairo
Gate 18, Mall of Arabia, 6th of October

La Vie En Rose

Canada's biggest lingerie retailer first opened in Cairo in 2007, expanding from just one to five branches. Some of the best swimwear on the beach last summer was  we have spotted  along with top-notch lingerie and sleepwear; this is one of Cairo's finest and most affordable lingerie stores.

Tel:+ 0224802373
City Stars Mall, Heliopolis
Point 90 Mall, New Cairo
Dandy Mega Mall, Alex Desert Road
Golf City Mall, Obour
Mall of Arabia, 6th of October 


This renowned French lingerie brand is over a century old. Launched in 1916, the brand has made women sexier throughout the 20th century, and still claims its role well into the 21st century with 4 branches across Cairo that cater to all you may ever need from a lingerie store.

Tel:+ 02 33450614
64 Shehab Street, Mohandsin, Giza
Phase 2, City Stars Mall, Heliopolis
Cairo Festival City Mall, New Cairo
Sun City Mall, Sheraton, Heliopolis


The Madrid-based lingerie brand was founded in 1993 and witnessed rapid global expansion due to its dedication to high quality and superior designs. out of more than 650 stores worldwide, 5 stores are located across Cairo and Giza.

Tel: + 02 37481906
5 El Thawra Street, Mohandsin
City Stars Mall, Heliopolis
Mall of Arabia, 6th of October
Cairo Festival City Mall, New Cairo
5/13 Road 216, Maadi
Golf City Mall, El Obour 


This Egyptian lingerie powerhouse proves, at every turn, that women's undergarments is serious business and no walk in the park, they have a team of specialised fashion designers who examine designs, materials, and textiles before they give us the product of their knowledge in the form of pure sexiness. Since its opening in 1989, the brand has launched several stores around Cairo, Alexandria, and Milan. Their sexy threads are available in 5 showrooms in Cairo.

Tel+ 26985260
36 Kasr El Nil Street, Downtown
116 Mohamed Farid Street, Downtown
43 Abbas El Akkad Street, Nasr City
City Stars Mall, Heliopolis
Ibrahim El Lakkany Street, Roxy, Heliopolis