Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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8 Blood Donation Services in Egypt

Only one per cent of the country's population donates blood; here are eight ways you can be part of that one per cent.

Staff Writer

Donating blood regularly not only increases the country's supply of clean, disease-free blood and saves lives, it also helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart attacks. The procedure even burns calories, so you can actually bleed your way into those skinny jeans! If you'd like to help out and save lives, then there is no excuse to not donate blood if you meet the health requirements and are of age, especially now that we've compiled a list of organisations, online services, and even mobile apps that facilitate the process.   

The Triple Effect

The Triple Effect is a project by the Takatof Foundation that works to provide access to safe blood for every person who needs it through working with companies or organisations to raise awareness about the issue and arrange blood drives.  

Law 3andak Dam

Law 3andak Dam is an online service that matches blood requests with donors. If you wish to donate blood, all you need to do is fill out their donor registration form and you will be notified whenever your donation is needed. Easy peasy, Japanesey.


A mobile app by the Hope foundation, GiveMeHope directs all calls for blood donations from Twitter to your phone. It also matches donor information with blood requests and even allows you to contact nearby donors.


BloodEgy is a youth initiative that spreads blood requests via its social media platforms; so, you can always content yourself with sharing/retweeting their posts if for some reason you can’t respond.


Faselty is an online blood bank inventory that broadcasts blood requests and provides matching services as well. Faselty also has a mobile app integrated with the same features.    

Egyptian Blood Bank

EBB is yet another non-governmental youth initiative working to raise awareness about blood donation and ensuring that accident victims and other patients have access to clean blood by spreading blood donation calls on social media.  

Egyptian Red Crescent Blood Bank

The Egyptian Red Crescent has been offering blood transfusion services since 1973, with five blood banks across the country. All you have to do to save someone’s life is to stop by its central blood bank in Ramses and that’s it, donate away!     


The foundation organises a blood drive on the first Thursday of every month from 4 PM to 7 PM. Head to the nearest Resala branch and make your donation!