Friday 9 of December, 2022
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8 Typical Types of Egyptian Mothers

Some drive you crazy, some upset you, and some just shower you with love; here are eight different types of Egyptian mothers we've all come across at some point.

Staff Writer

Mothers are such beautiful creatures aren't they? They tuck you into bed at night and tell you stories like Alf Leila Weh Leila. There is no stronger bond or love than that of a mother and her child. Right? Sometimes your mom might drive you crazy but, at the end of the day, we all love our moms - after all, who else is going to cook our molokheya? Different as they all may be, there are some typical types of Egyptian mothers that we've all come across at some point or another.

The Chef

This type of mom loves to cook; she’ll prepare anything you want - from scrambled eggs to a platter of wara2 3enab. We all know that Egyptian women always like to feed their loved ones, or strangers, or basically anyone who crosses their path. Whether it’s at a family gathering or a simple dinner at home, your mom will stuff your face. "Takli ma7shy? Shaklaklek khassah awi. La2 enti makalteesh kefaya, koli ferakh aktar!" Alb el om bardo, walla eh

The Show-off

We’re sure you're familiar with the kind of mom who always likes to show off her children's accomplishments. Whether it’s the way they dress or their grades at school, in her eyes, her children are the best of the best. "Shofto… Pakinam tel3et el 2oola 3al dof3a. Ah weh Ahmed tele3 el awel 3al gomhoreya fil seba7a." Yeah, yeah, we get it; your kids are remarkable human beings. 

The Worrier

This mom is the worrying kind; she’s always going to see you as her little girl/boy and will try to protect you from the 'evils' of the world. Did you take your pepper spray with you? Ew3i 7ad yeday2ek fil share3! Weselti? Tab enti ma3 meen? Tab enti rag3a emta? This type will drive you crazy and will slowly smother you with her love. Ya weilak if you don’t answer the phone straight away; she’ll call six billion times and start imagining ridiculous scenarios of how you’re somehow dead. I was just in the bathroom, mom...

The Pampered One

All this mom does is buy her kids expensive shit and tell everyone about it. "I just bought this Burberry bag and these Louis Vuitton boots, don’t you just love them? They were only 1,000,000 LE, so cheap! I bought my daughter the same ones. You should buy yourself a pair." 

The Party Mom

This kind of mom always likes to throw the most extravagant parties in town for her children, and probably burns a hole in her husband’s pocket. Ha3meloko a7la 3eed milad weh hagebloko kol el ento 3ayzeeno. 3ayza Hannah Montana? 7ader. You all probably know at least one person like that, right?

The One Who Wants To Marry Off Her Children

This mom tries to play the role of a matchmaker with her children. She always pushes her kids towards any single guy or gal in hopes of finding them the perfect husband or wife. Her poor husband just observes most of the time. Their kids always have to look presentable when meeting people - lazem te2oolo 7ader weh na3am. Hatefdali khayba keda min gheir gawaz? 

The Power Mother

This mom is the head of the household and she’s usually divorced. She takes on the roles of both the man and the woman in the relationship - the provider and the caregiver - and does everything from A to Z. Truth be told, she will probably emasculate her son until he becomes one of those 3eyaal sees

The Sharshoo7a Who’s Never Proud

This mom is never proud of anything her children do; she’s always yelling around the house, and she might even tesharsha7 in public. Infamous for yelling “ento fashleen” whenever her children try to please her, this mom is never satisfied with anything they do - whether it’s their schoolwork, the way they dress or talk, or even who they end up marrying.