Thursday March 30th, 2023
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9 Of The Hottest Spots To Karaoke Around Town

Your prayers have been answered, boys and girls; we finally have a list of the best spots around town where you can karaoke. But please, if you can't sing, just stand on the side and save yourself the embarrassment- unless you're drunk, then that's another story...

Staff Writer

Karaoke is either the time to share your talents with the world or pierce a hole through your friend’s ears - either way, both are fun. Most of us think we can actually sing, but the sad truth is that, well, we can’t. It’s usually just annoying shrieking like that golden egg in Harry Potter. Maybe we should be put underwater to sound like beautiful mermaids, too… Whether you want to belt out your favourite Shakira song or sing a little 60s tune, the stage is your oyster! We've gathered a list of the nine best spots to hit for karaoke. Shriek away! *buys earplugs*

Johnny's In Zamalek

Located on the fancy Le Pacha 1901 boat, Johnny's has a karaoke night every Sunday accompanied with live DJs. The pub offers a cosy atmosphere, great cocktails, and delicious mezza. Just because we care about your well-being, you can also check out Johnny's in Le Pacha West. There. We spared you some traffic, no need to thank us.

The Smokery

Located in classy Katameya Heights, The Smokery has a karaoke night every Tuesday - bet you didn’t know that, did you? This dining hot spot is amongst the finest in town, and, bonus: it has a view! You can show off your talents while enjoying a few cocktails, because You gots to be drunk if you’re going to sing in front of billions! Okay, well, not billions, but it seems like that when the spotlight hits. Admit it. 


Escape and unwind in an unparalleled ambiance with Amici Heliopolis’ creative drinks; after all, that’s what they’re known for! Sundays at Amici are karaoke night, so make sure to bring your A game! Don’t want to get embarrassed in front of the ladies, now, do we?


What we love most about this cosy bar in Maadi is that they always have a show to put on; whether it's a Jazz band or DJs (such as Amr Hosny). However, you can put on your own show every Saturday and sing your favourite Taylor Swift song - they won't judge, but we will. 

Bikers Joint

Whoever said bikers can't party just as much as we do? We know, they seem scary from afar, but they're just as chill as we are - plus, the ambience is pretty cosy inside this place. Shisha and karaoke is an odd combo, yet a perfect one, so why not head down on Fridays?

Deals Pub

Deals in Mohandissen is exactly what you need after a long day - warm, friendly, and chill. You can enjoy their Eastern atmosphere on karaoke night every Saturday. Also, enjoy a classy dinner or a few cocktails depending on your mood. In addition, they have a mix of Italian, Egyptian, French and Eastern dishes. Bonus: they have a pool table and a dart board! 

Vintage Bar & Lounge 

Look at that guy singing his heart out like there's no tomorrow! Sing with me, sing for the years, sing for the laughter, sing for the tears- you saw that reference coming at some point in the article, don't lie. Enjoy a Friday night of singing and dancing, and - of course - drinking!

Café Suprēme

Who would've thought Café Suprēme in Sheraton had karaoke every Monday! Food, shisha and karaoke is all we need. If you're not in the mood to stay out late and drink all night long, then this cafe is made for you; casual and simple.

Gabriel Restaurant

Located in Mohandessin, a classy and causal spot like this is hard to find these days. And they've got karaoke every Monday, too! Shine and dine with your mates! Careful though, don't pull a Monica Gellar and wear a see-through blouse, otherwise they won't be cheering for you!

Happy Singing!