Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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9 Times Egyptians Ovarreacted to Things Happening Around Them

You thought mosalsalat and aflam are the only forms of drama and avwara we have? Nahhh, it's our lifestyle.

Staff Writer

9 Times Egyptians Ovarreacted to Things Happening Around Them

Egyptians are genetically me2avwareen. Look at the pyramids, for one – nothing could ever top the overreaction our ancestors had when it came to death. Anyone born to at least one Egyptian parent, or who has been raised among Egyptians, naturally overreacts to everything and anything. We're not going to lie, for the past few years we've been through some changes in every aspect of our lives – starting from the 2011 revolution to the current shortages. Those changes generate drama, which we refuse to live without. To be specific, el 2avwara is a frequent behaviour of the Egyptian specie, and it is often catalysed by their constant need to either disturb and/or start shit.

We're just an expressive bunch – we feel too much and it comes out the way it does, and you know what? We own the crap out of it. From recent events we have witnessed, we came up with a list of times the good people of this nation have made us sit there and genuinely wonder if our enthusiasm can be extracted and exported as a prescribed drug to resolve our economic crisis.

Someone (Read: Sisi) Running For Presidency

What would we have done without Hussein Al Jasmi's Boshret Kheir?

ّSuez Canal V.2 Celebrations

One of the founders of new-age avwara in Egypt, Riham Said really overdid it with celebrating this project that...wasn't it supposed to solve all our problems?

Proposing to Your Girlfriend

At school, because it can't just be anywhere. It needs to be somewhere where she spends her time memorising useless facts and staring into a bleak future.

Getting Back at Your Ex

We got over it – because, 3adi, bey7ebbaha – but the world isn't going to forgive us for this.

Hepta x Grand Hotel

Which came first, Hepta or Grand Hotel? Either way, everyone is just trying to catch a hug so they know it's real.


Egyptians Cursing Egypt

Seriously, meen di?

Tuk-tuk Driver

Apparently, homeboy is lowkey stacking up that chedda...?

Sugar Crisis

Clearly, e7na sha3b zai el sokkar, and we need sokkar to maintain this reputation... So, we have to become sha3b 3assal now? Fine. Bas wes3et mennak ya Mounir! Did you forget?

Zamalek's Sexy Audience

Hey, Donia El Helw. You look really good in white.