Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Baseera Poll: 34% of Egyptians Have Reduced Food Consumption Due to Inflation

A polling of 1,539 Egyptians regarding the surge of consumable prices has yielded some stunning results.

Staff Writer

Baseera, the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research, has conducted various polls regarding consumption, monetary spending, and the general well being of Egyptian citizens following the recent spike in price for many commodities. Just this past month not only has petroleum seen a price rise of around 50 percent, but also general electricity costs have been inflated by 42 percent. Some of the statistics can be considered rather shocking, as they shed light on some of the struggles many citizens are facing in contemporary times. Here are the six most alarming numbers pulled straight from the recent Baseera polling of 1,539 random Egyptians of all ages (older than 18). 

1. 34% of Egyptians have reduced their consumption of food, due to the rise in prices. 
(Source: al-Jazeera)

2. 84% of people reported household expenses skyrocketing following the recent rise in fuel and electricity prices.

(Source: HabibiElquseir)

3. 12% of respondents said they had to resort to additional work (adding another job). 
(Source: DailyTravelPhotos)

4. 12% of respondents were forced to work multiple jobs, while 6% borrowed money from loved ones, 4% were forced to dig into savings, and 2% had to sell property

(Source: EgyptianToday)

5. 25% of respondents agreed with the raising of electricity and fuel prices. 

(Photo: ConstructionWeek)

6. Young people are the most opposed to electricity price surges, at an 80% disapproval rate.

(Photo: Flickr)