Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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8 Times Egyptians Let Their Imaginations Rain Wild

After the flooding which followed yesterday's rainfall, Egyptians took to Photoshop to create hilarious images making light of the situation...

Staff Writer

Only when it rains in Egypt is it ever such a big deal. And only when it's a big deal do Egyptians resort to humour, to sort of cope with the absurdity of it all. Yesterday a day of rain descended on a country whose infrastructure just can't handle the extra water. Here are some of the best parodies of the various flooding situations that ensued...

The Beatles are normal human beings too who need to get from point A to point B, even when it's pouring.
This one is just for fun guys lighten up, this meme has gotten so much backlash but come on guys, he's thirsty and there's just so much water.
Taratata ra ta ta, tata tatara, that's the Mario theme song incase you didn't know, now read it again with the melody in mind.
Sisi checking on the catastrophe personally making sure it's all going good.
This must be a video game that slipped under our radar.
Yaaaaay, even the dolphins came out to celebrate.
There have been debates over whether this is in Morocco or Alexandria. We think it's Mortal Kombat, FINISH HIM.
Ya raye2


All photos are courtesy of Asa7be Sarcasm Society and Eltafkeerfelhegra's Facebook pages, and unknown sources. If you would like to be credited for a certain image please contact us and let us know.