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7 Innovative Speaker Systems to Pump Up Your Egyptian Summer

Bose is finally opening up its first branch in Egypt and they've got quite a few items to upgrade our summer.

We’re almost halfway through ramadan and Sahel season is right around the corner. So while we’ve enjoyed overindulging in our daily iftar feasts, there are certain arrangements to be made for the summer. We’ve taken a good hard look at our reckless decisions this month and while the damage may seem irreparable, all is not lost. Helping us in our quest to reclaim our trim figure and preparing us for our summer partying is Bose. The master of all things electronics is finally opening up its first branch in Mall of Egypt. Known for having some of the best speakers worldwide, here are 10 items that’ll have you starting your summer on a high note (pun intended).


Before we can even start thinking about all the house-parties we’ll be throwing and attending, we first need to consider our gym routine and work off all the past month's calories. Bose’s SoundSport wireless headphones are every jogger's must have. The tangle-free headphones have short wires that go around the back of the head and will save us the hassle of having to adjust our headphones every few minutes while we’re smack-dab in the middle of our intense HIIT workout. Their extended flexible wings ensure that they stay in place throughout any strenuous activities. To forgo wires altogether, Bose’s SoundSport free are a good option. Besides, wires are so last season.


Now that's we're on the right track for our formet el sahel, it's time for our beach essentials. That includes tanning oil, moisturizer and speakers for our beach lounging. Bose's SoundLink comes in several forms, the SoundLink Revolve, SoundLink Mini and SoundLink Micro, which work with bluetooth. The revolve is equipped with a 360 degree sound system and the micro is waterproof. So you're covered for all your beach activities.

Free Space 51

Move the party from the beach to your garden with Bose’s Free Space 51. The environmental speakers are sun, rain, ice and saltwater proof. The best part though is they're camouflaged so they fit right into the garden. Connect them to your stereo receiver and you're good to go. Maybe you can finally take up gardening and play some light Enya in the background as you tend to your lilies. 

SoundTouch 20

If like some of us, you know your extremely "considerate" bosses won't be giving you too many days off for the summer, don't lose hope. Bose's SoundTouch 20 will bring the party to you. It only requires that you install the app, connect it to the wifi and then you can control everything from your phone. If however you've lost all hope and are too depressed to party in your lonely apartment while everybody is at the beach, then perhaps play Beyonce's Bootylicious as you prepare yourself a sad macarona bel bachamel dinner. Our own personal studies have found that cooking to the sounds of Beyonce's angelic voice guarantees delicious results when it comes to home cooked meals.

Lifestyle 650


Nextflix and chill is 650 times better with Bose’s home surround system. The Lifestyle 650 isn't like one of those bulky surround systems that we usually see (you can also connect it to the Wifi). The sexy sleek design sets the tone. It also features spotlights on the speakers in case you misplace something that you need to find urgently during your intense episode binging.  

SoundBar 300

Another one of Bose's Netflix and chill enhancing equipment, the SoundBar 300 can be connected to both Wifi and bluetooth. 


For the music creators as well as music lovers, the QC 30 and the QC 35 are both great for cancelling out your mama's voice as she yells at you to clean up your room. With both items featuring noise cancellation specs, these are perfect for when you need a moment to just disconnect whether in summer or any other season. 

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