Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Egypt's Best Halloween Costumes of 2015

We teamed up with CairoZoom to select our favourite Halloween costumes from parties around the city this year. Did yours make the cut?

Staff Writer

We here at the CairoScene office do not mess around when it comes to Halloween. Because it is a great and glorious holiday obviously. And if anyone says otherwise, smother them with a pumpkin. Thankfully though, Cairenes share our absurd passion for this holiday and this year, in parties around the city, everyone went all out with their costumes. So we teamed up with CairoZoom to select our collective favourite outfits from this year from the numerous parties that took place. Here are out choices!

Thriller @ CJC

This is what happens when you try and arrest a werewolf.  

It's an undead match made in heaven. Or hell. 

Come AS You Are @ The Tap

Rock on.

This is borderline terrifying and we love it.

#WKND Halloween Edition @ Gu Bar

Prince ALI! Fabulous he! Something something, we don't know the rest of the lyrics. Wait is he even Aladdin?

Squad goals: go to prison together.

Scary River @ Riverside

Makeup game on point.

Yo where's Wilma?

Witchcraft Vol. 2 @ Omar Khayyam

Kahl Drogo where have you been you beautiful creature you?

Super Mario, you are so adorbs.

Alive @ The Temple

Clowning around...

You have spirited us away sir. 

Afterlife @ Temple
The force is clearly with him.

We found Waldo!