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Egyptian Startup Yumamia Just Launched a New App and Here are 6 Epic Dishes You Need to Try

Gobbling tasty food just got way easier, way faster since we're downloading YumamiaPlus+ as we speak.

Egyptian startup Yumamia just keeps wowing us and playing on our weak points, doesn't it? First, we didn't think it was possible to have homemade food prepared in clean kitchens, with hands softer than your mother's heart, delivered to our doorstep – and then it happened. Then, we thought it was just all about the Egyptian cuisine, and so, they introduced international dishes. Now, what? Well, they've launched a new service that's about to make our love for them even more justifiable – a new mobile service app called YumamiaPlus+! And this time around, they've expanded their network of culinary whizzes and will be incorporating unique gourmet dishes created by professional chefs – all delivered in 60 minutes within just one tap of their new app!

This is really going to work out well for us when we need to eat something tasty yet good for us at work or when we come back home late without enough energy to wash our hair let alone cook for ourselves, because it’s high quality, nutritious, deliciously creative, affordable AND delivers in only 60 minutes! The app also hosts innovative usefeul features for your convenience; online payments when you're out of cash and live order tracking – you can stalk your food! And, no matter how many times we go on the app and order, we're going to find new items to browse (read: salivate and drool) through, because GET THIS: the menu will consist of delicious signature dishes that will be changed every day, alongside a few favorite fixed items! Nom nom. We picked seven items we want to share with you that were created and prepared by innovative gourmet professional chefs...

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

A dish for those who love their bodies and health; slices of grilled chicken breast along side creamy slices of avocado, with juicy cherry tomatoes and crunchy fresh lettuce – all served with premium honey mustard dressing!

Piña Colada Chicken Salad

Those humans who always like pineapple on their pizza that everyone else refuses to share because they just don't get the genius that is pineapple on everything – this is for you. Just looking at this salad's freshness makes us feel like our arteries are unclogging; tons of leafy greens, roasted almonds, fresh pineapple cubes, crunchy red pepper strips, all served with flavorful grilled chicken, and a creamy, tropical tangy dressing. We pledge to eat healthy if it always looks like this.

Chicken Parmesan

Just bellissimo! It's a feast with this one; fried chicken breast cooked in Italian parmesan breading, embraced with a rich tomato sauce, with a generous amount of melted mozzarella and Parmesan cheese – can't forget that spaghetti pasta on the side! Mmm, molto bene!

Mongolian Beef

A stir-fry Chinese combination of flavoursome and tender beef strips caramelised with colourful fresh veggies, drenched in its own Asian brown yummy sauce, served on a bed of white rice – that's definitely a conversation your belly is willing to have after a long day. Words are overrated.

Philly Steak Sandwich 

The classic sandwich is actually one of the best choices to order from YumamiaPlus+, for the sole reason that you can be guaranteed top-quality slices of tender meat, sweet caramelised onions, and the perfect amount of melted cheese, all wrapped with love in a fresh roll of bread. Nothing can go wrong after devouring that.