Monday December 11th, 2023
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Long Weekend Alert: The CairoScene Guide to Beaching, Hermiting, and Other Destruction

We've created a list of the best happenings we can take advantage of during the weekend.

Staff Writer

We can all agree that long weekends are God’s gift to workaholics. Or to anyone, really. Luckily, this weekend’s going to be one whole day longer. So we can't just sit home, veg out, and binge watch TV for three consecutive days. We plan on enjoying the free extras, this time and so should you, so here are the EXTRAordinary things happening this weekend. From mini-getaways to the best happening on that sweet, sweet extra Saturday night. We got you covered. 

Yoga by the Beach at Castle Zaman 

You know you need to de-stress when that vein in your forehead decides to make an appearance every time your boss calls. But we've got a solution for your work-related anxiety: Yoga by the beach at one of the most beautiful locations in Egypt. 

Day: 20/07/17

The Ultimate Road Trip by Gazef 

If you're got that indecisive friend in your squad, then you'll love this road trip. You won't have to choose one thing to do on this 10-day adventure. The trip includes camping, snorkeling, island hopping, sightseeing, felouka-riding, hiking, camel riding, speed boats, rock climbing (optional), air ballooning (optional), water activities (optional), boat to Giftun island, and a boat to Satayeh. Goodness. 

Day: 20/07/17

Crystal Healing and Yoga Retreat at 360 Ras Sudr

Many alternative healers believe that crystals have properties that could potentially help offset a lot of the negative effects of modern life. Want some alternative healing and some yoga? Honestly, who wouldn't want that? Head over to 360 this weekend if you're interested in healing and rejuvenating your soul. 

Day: 20/07/17  

Nile Kayak Introductory Ride at The Platform   

If you've ever wanted to kayak but never got the opportunity, now's your chance to live out your crazy kayak pipe dreams in the world's second longest river! Seriously though, this looks dope. And it's all inclusive, meaning you don't have to be super fit to participate, you can waddle in there in your sweatpants.

Date: 21/07/17

Astronomy Night in Wadi El Hitan  

It's a sky full of stars at Wadi El Hitan and it's definitely worth the hype. Star gazing in the desert will never get old.  

Day: 21/07/17 

Zap Tharwat at White Beach  

In need of some deep, meaningful rhymes while you work that tan in Sahel? Enjoy some good rhythm and poetry by Zap Tharwat at White Beach this weekend. 

Day: 21/07/17 

Wadi El Gemal’s Escape

Escapism might be unhealthy but it definitely sounds appealing when it involves Wadi El Gemal, one of the most beautiful destinations Egypt has to offer. 

Day: 20/07/17 - 23/07/17

Rotarakt Katameya Masquerade

We know this year's been all about Mask Off but we're urging you to put your mask on for this one of a kind boat masquerade party on the Nile. 

Day: 21/07/17

Open Skating Night with CaiRollers Roller Derby 

Roll your problems away the legal way with CaiRollers this weekend. Their event takes place from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Cairo International Stadium.

Day: 22/07/17 

Dahshour Yoga Retreat

Photo by Cairo Gyms

Another yoga retreat? We think you need it. This yoga retreat will help you unload all the Cairo stress and pressure you’ve been building up. Beginning from the 21st and lasting until the 23rd, this 3-day getaway will make you wish you left the city earlier to soak up as much zen as possible. 

Day: 21/07/17 - 23/07/17

Binge on Friends From College

The brand spanking new Netflix series sees a reunion of sorts when friends from college (as you may have guessed) find themselves all back again living in New York City. Drama, comedy, sex, and a star-studded cast. Need we say more?

Binge on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling 

Set in the 80s, the show follows the journey of an aspiring actor as she and others find themselves auditioning for what's to become the most glamorous wrestling show. The soundtrack alone, free of the usual cliches, is enough to dedicate the weekend to watching the show.  

Saturday and Sunday

If want to (or need to) spend your Saturday or Sunday night at a club, we've got you covered: 

Urban Heat ft. DJ Roma and DJ Samo at Color Beach 

Day: 22/07/17

Farah Khalil at The Tap East 

Day: 22/07/17

Fatma Adel at Mawlana

Day: 23/07/17

Michelle Rounds at Cairo Jazz Club

Day: 23/07/17

Andromida at The Tap Maadi

Day: 22/07/17

Sebzz/Hazem at Exit

Photo by Amira Mehrez

Day: 22/07/17