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New Year's Eve Guide 2016

New Year's Eve is the night to end all nights - or at least the night to wrap up the mess that was 2015. Wrap it up right at one of the many goings on across Cairo that we have listed right here.

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New Year's Eve Guide 2016

Illustration by Ganna Hesham for CairoScene

Tickle Your Fancy (NYE Party) @ CJC

Open bar! Good, now that we have your attention, CJC is said to tickle every fancy bone in your body with their NYE soirée. Get sassy and swing with Hussein Fahmy, Nader El Tahawy, and FairouzT. Burlesque-esque dress code, and the boys should be fashionably fancy, too.

The Loft Experience NYE

Get into your time machines as the countdown starts towards yet another eventful year - this time not to the future, but to the forgotten past. Loft21 is bringing the luxurious elegance of the 40s back to celebrate the beginning of the end in style. Pearls, suits, and cigarette holders are much welcomed.

For reservations, call: +20 2 2792 9445 or +20 100 4986811.

Soiree II @ Royal Maxim Kempinski

And we can be royaaal this New Year's Eve at Royal Kempinski with Soirée's hot lineup of Rami DJunkie, vocalist Patrice, and a surprise award-winning percussionist. The event was organised by Garo and Beltagy, who have also brought you a Spanish fortune teller, to confirm your cat-owning futures. Forget about that for now and party away your thoughts – and potential cats - for the start a new year.

If you purchase a ticket, you get a double room for 1500 LE, and a brunch next day for 300 LE per person.

For tickets, email :

New Year's Eve 2016 @ Riverside

You could spend your New Year's at home lamenting 2015 and drowning yourself in w[h]ine; you really could. Or you could show up to Riverside and end the year with a bang so that at least one thing goes right this year. Fuzzy and Ayman Nageeb will make sure your countdown is killer, and Bash's Beats will set the course for your 2016.

Disco-nnect @ Omar Khayam Boat

2015 was a groovy year; send it out will final rager. Disco-nnect from last year and plug into 2016 with the groovy sounds of Baher and Tamer Auf. Then, get down with the first beats of 2016 as Simon Baker sends us off to a happy new year. Couples only with bar & lounge passes available for pre-sale only. 

Get ahold of passes at, or for more info call 01022036177 or 01022362166.

New Years Eve Party @ Graffiti

How you celebrate the new year determines how your next year is going to be - that's a fact as established by us, which just means it's a fact. You don't want a shitty 2016 - a shitty 2015 was more than enough. Belly dancer Oxana, resident DJ Remon, percussionist Hamdon, violinist Marsellio, saxophonist Loay, and live tabla by Shaaban - sounds better than 2015 already.

New Year's Eve @ Eat & Barrel

Stay in this New Year's Eve - just not at home - and head to Eat & Barrel for a bonafide lineup of colourful cocktails with DJ Fadi El Namr blasting tunes on the decks, Oxana the belly dancer igniting your Oriental roots, and Screwdriver band's mad vocals.

For reservations and more info, call 0101 649 6999.

New Year's Eve Party @ Cavallini

Started from the very bottom, pun intended, and now she's here. Superstar belly dancer Dina has come a long way from dancing atShaabi weddings, and is now A-listing Cavallini's New Year's Eve party, along with Ouzo, Fabric, Peto & Loupa, and Go Go Dancers, for a party all night long into the wee hours of the new year.

Call 01061191100 to book your table now.

ZigZag: New Year's Eve Party

You'll be definitely walking in zigzags from all the fun (and booze) you'll be having at ZigZag's New Year's Eve party. DJs Aly B and Ouzo taking over the decks to spice your night up with a snippet of what's in store for the new year, and grant you a few flashback-worthy moments.

Check out the event on Facebook here.

New Year's Eve Party By The Tap

The Tap are pulling a fraternity/sorority legendary college preppy move by throwing a secretive villa private party in Maadi this New Year's Eve. They're remaining extra hush-hush about it, so we're just going to name-drop: Bluezopherania, Blues Attack, Tamer Auf, Sherif Nakhla, and The Guvna. Watch out for loud music, Maadians, and maybe text us if you find them!

New Year's Resolution @ Amici Heliopolis

Amici Heliopolis will spinning in the New Year with DJ Lyon on the decks. All New Year's Eve resolutions should be made before the fifth shot.

Amr Diab @ Four Seasons Nile Plaza

Mix tapes are gone and cassettes have been burnt, yet Amr Diab's never-aging face remains. Whether you're an oldies fan or a fan of the modernised Diab, head over for the ultimate Arabian countdown at the Four Seasons with a live performance by none other than the Middle Eastern King of Pop.

 Call +(202) 27917020 or 01003032810 for more information and reservations.

New Year's Eve @ Cairo Marriott

In the mood for dinner and a show? Join a massive concert with Tamer Hosni, Amina, Ahmed Adaweya, and Carmen Soliman, with the gyrations of Sofinar as accompaniment. Tickets include an all-inclusive dinner for 1800 LE or 3600 LE. Get reservations at 01006017117 or 01006170063. Or you can actually go outside and head to the hotel where they'll have a desk set up for reservations and tickets.

New Year's Eve @ Gu Bar

The only thing you're going know about NYE at the Gu Bar is that it's going to be full of suprises. Belly dancers, famous people from the internet, fire-breathing dragons - you never know what's going to happen there. Except this is Wahdan, so we're going to go ahead and assume that one of the 'surprises' will be a belly dancer. Anybody want to wager a bet?

Five Fabulous Years Of Tabla Sokhna

Ring in the new year in style as Tabla Sokhna celebrates five fun years of fabulousness with a dazzling red carpet event. Grab your tickets for 1250 LE and get beer, wine, soft drinks, free Bouchon, and a Mistiqa breakfast after the party. Plus, if you were one of the glam guests who joined Tabla Sokhna for their first NYE bash, you get 25% off your ticket! 

To reserve your tables, call 01140000033.

New Year's Eve @ The Garden

We're so over events that just have a long-ass line-up of DJs who are also scheduled to play at six other parties. What's he going to do - show up, spin a track, then bounce? Not cool. The Garden grabbed a DJ that doesn't seem to be playing elsewhere tonight - DJ Bibo.S - but they upped NYE a notch - there's a DJ and a violinist - Marsellio. We're sold.

Call 01008263000 for reservation.

Ramy Sabry @ The District

Egyptian Super Popstar Ramy Sabry is going to be bringing a wave of swoons and gasps to the front liners for New Year's Eve. It is reported that almost 80% of the audience will try to snatch the midnight kiss with Mr Sabry. We all know he has a wife, but give this particular countdown pucker up a shot.

Eventaki Fel New Year Ft. Adaweya

Everybody's going away to celebrate the new year but we know that Egypt is where it's at. Let's stop with the 3o2det el khawagaand just embrace the reality that we live in 2om el donya and that's a pretty kick-ass reality. If you're going to go Oriental for New Year's, do it the right way - with the master of all things Oriental, Ahmed Adaweya, DJ Roro, and belly dancer that's a sweet sweet sight for the sore eyes. Looks like Eventaki Fel New Year rounded up the makings for a proper New Year's Eve.

For reservations call: 01222111976. 

NYE Party @ InterContinental CityStars

Everybody and their mother is all over the underground music scene in Egypt to the point where we wonder where all our Arabic mainstream icons have gone. Are they broke sha7ateen living somewhere curbside in Korba and willing to sing for money? Nope, apparently they're all at this New Year's event. Seriously - Wael Jassar, Amal Maher, Sofina, Mahmoud Ellethy, Amr Rabie, all joined by Soraya the belly dancer and an international menu. 

Tickets start at 1800 LE.

Makouk Vol.1 All-stars Night @ Swiss Club

One of the best alternative New Year's Eve events happening this year with a rather awesome line up of live acts. If fist pumping through the midnight countdown is not your thing, then be at the Swiss Club.

Tickets: 150 LE (including 1 beer or 2 soft drinks)

New Year's Eve Party @ After8cairo

New Year's Eve at After Eight will be doused in the sounds of uber popular Indie Egypt Pop band Salalem. But this is Egypt, and this is NYE, there simply must be a belly dancer involved. Belly dancers are to Egypt what fireworks are to the rest of the world on NYE.

Reservation is a must: 01003398000

Auberge New Year's Eve Party

Pucker up those juicy lips for a midnight smooch at Auberge's New Year's Eve Party in Gouna. Nothing like the chilly Marina breeze, blasting tunes, and the Goun-y spirit to get you in the zone for a sexy countdown to the new year. 

Gardens Of Babylon @ El Gouna

DJ Misty, Disco Misr and Abou Samra will be spinning at this epic Gouna NYE party. Warm up your pumping fists.

Call: 01025903455

David Tort | New Year's Eve 2015

Stay alive this New Year's Eve by heading to Space Sharm El Sheikh to party like it's the 70's with their disco-themed night. David Trot will  be turning up the night but we're pretty sure Staying Alive will be played at some point during the night. So grab an afro and call to reserve a table.

Mafia Blues, New Year's Eve @ The Smokery Gouna

The Smokery in Gouna are hosting a mafia-themed party for New Years Eve. Everyone will get shot(s) and a horse's head will most likely turn up under your hotel room pillow. Gangstas on the deck for the night will be DJ Ghandokli (no relation to gandofli but if you are in Gouna we're sure you could get your hands on some gandofli), saxophonist Ramy Sam,y and percussionist Khaled El Sayes. Happy New Year.

Masquerade @ Johnny's Le Pacha West

Ah, how elegant! Ringing in the new year with a masquerade ball - the mystery, the deception, the scandal! ...the DJs and the music and the food, too. Grab your most mysterious masks and come up with a story for yourself as you introduce yourself to new people, living vicariously through your mask as Ranim and DJ Leon spin in the background.

New Year's Eve @ The Clubhouse Uptown Cairo

Because not every New Year's Eve countdown should be done at Times Square or (in our case) loud party clubs with people barely hearing each other while reciting their New Year's resolutions, it's nice to have a fine dine to mark the end of the year. Clubhouse are throwing a special dinner for all the elegance-loving countdown-ers, so you could enjoy the smooth Jazz tunes and Pop songs by Ellie of London after a sip or two (or 10) of their finest cocktails, then give your taste buds a big warm hug with a lavish dinner served by none other than Basilco & Oliveto Restaurants.  

Prices are 350 LE ++ per person.

Dry Deep Into Future

The name of this event basically draws to mind images of a fortune teller/hypnotist telling us to look deep into their eyes so they can see into our futures. Instead, Deejay Fabric, Fadi El-Nemr, Shady Maher, Master Dee, and Moro ViTch are going to have us - and the belly dancer - shaking our asses into the new year. Close enough, right?

250 LE tickets at the door, including 2 beers
200 bouchon per bottle.
VIP ticket: 3000 LE for 6 people, including an imported bottle, 6 Red Bulls, and snacks.
Minimum entry age: 21
For reservations: 01028288431 - 01110244007

New Years Eve @ Hayda

New Year's Eve at Hayda. Three course Lebanese menu. Lebanese Belly Dancing. Lebanese errrrythin!

Call: 0100 8513322

New Years Eve @ Sequoia

You know those NYE parties that everybody goes to and never really has fun, and the night always ends with dramatic chaos? You should probably avoid those and welcome the new year at Sequoia while having a nice dinner in a quaint location overlooking the Nile, listening to some normal music. A diverse international open buffet will be served, and the music will be dished out by Dj Ahmed Ghandokly.

For details and reservations call 02 27350014.

New Year's Eve at Semiramis InterContinental

Semiramis InterContinental has you ringing in the new year as though you were in Thailand (except you're at Birdcage), with a fancypants gala dinner at The Grill, or keeping it classy the Lebanese way at Sabaya. Techno and clubbing not your style? Celebrate NYE with Lebanese à la carte cuisine and some regional music; keep it classy. 

New Year's Eve at Fairmont Heliopolis

Fairmont Heliopolis is clearly the place to be this New Year's Eve - ready for the rundown? There's a seafood menu at Aqua E Luce; some Butter Chicken Curry Tandoori Briyani goodness at Raj;, saki and sushi at - you guessed it - Saki Sushi Lounge; New Year's Eve en Français at Le Marche;, live entertainment at Darts; our favourite foods at Pizza Bar, belly dancing, food, and quite possibly a dabke at Al Dabke; wicked good Pad Thai at Lan Tania; Italian food and ambiance at Leonardo; Teppanyaki at Noble House (yum!); and this strange mix of Jazz and Oriental music between Fuze & Rainbow Bar. It's going to be one long night at Fairmont Heliopolis!

New Year's Eve @ One Oak

Party animals ain't got nothing on binge-loving eaters. Instead of spending your New Year's Eve counting down to the munches of the Chinese takeaway you just ordered, you could go out, socialize, and bite into a seven-course set menu with the enchanting live vocals of Salma Mahgoub. It would be a challenge to dive into the tremendous amount of food without wearing your usual sweatpants attire, but hopefully it's another item to cross off your new year's resolution list.
For reservations, call 01122265555.


New Year's Eve at Fairmont Nile City

It's a fancy night at Fairmont Nile City with a black-and-white affair at Onyx, a black-and-gold affair at Saigon, and you can have the world's fanciest burger with some live piano and a singsong or two from Noha at Napa Grill.

New Year's Eve at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski has it all this New Year's Eve - Oxana's dancing at Bab El Qasr, Italian food is going down at Lucca, brunch for the late risers at The State, a Jazzy dinner at Romanov, and a seafood feast fit for a king at The State.

New Year's Eve at Ramses Hilton

It's a night of dance at Ramses Hilton, whether you're at Windows On The World or the Ballroom Gala.

New Year's Eve at JW Marriott

You know what would make for a great New Year's Eve? Hopping between all the different events at JW Marriott. There's Italian food at Cucina, a buffet at Mirage Cafe, steak at JW's Steakhouse, an Asian buffet at Lemongrass, Lebanese food at Ahlein, and drinks to go around at The View Bar & Lounge

New Year's Eve At Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh

While you're away in Sharm, have yourself an international buffet at Arabesque, or if you prefer things Italiano then there's Il Frantoio, and you could always warp it up with drinks and handcrafted cocktails at Nafoura LoungeDance away 2015 until it's barely a memory. Drinks and handcrafted cocktails should help get rid of that pesky memory, too. 

New Year's Eve at Mena House

Kick 2015 to the curb and light it on fire. Rejoice in the immolation of all the dumb stuff you've done this year. Then, indulge yourself in some barbecued animal bits to truly celebrate at 139 Pavilion.

New Year's Eve At Winter Palace

NYE at the Winter Palace seems fitting - ring in the new year with royalty, and maybe a few elves. 180 USD gets you a nine-course meal at La Corniche. What are you gonna do with all that food?

New Year's Eve at Old Cataract

Embark on a voyage back to another century at the 1902 Old Cataract; you'll feel like you may have fallen into a storybook. The terrace bars perched above the peaceful waters of the Nile are the perfect romantic getaway for New Year's Eve. Plus you enjoy a nine-course gourmet meal. Be ready for the experience of a lifetime filled with memories of the inspiring blend of Victorian grandeur, Egyptian atmosphere, and French art de recevoir.

New Year's Eve at InterContinental CityStars

InterContinental CityStars is a bit eclectic this New Year's Eve with belly dancer Soraya at Fayruz, bottomless drinks and a buffet at The Lounge, and Argentinean-style belly dancing at Bellini

New Year's Eve at Sofitel

Sofitel has quite a few things going on this New Year's Eve - grab a drink at Windows On The Nile, enjoy a dinner buffet by Chef Phillipe at Le Sud, get your Bollywood on - sans dance routines - at Manipuri & The Bar, or dream that you're in Morocco with La Palmeraie.

New Year's Eve at Renaissance

Celebrate a Chinese-style new year (not to be confused with Chinese New Year) at Chinoix; indulge Vintage Bar & Lounge's invite for a night of decadence; or enforce some good old family fun at Citron, all at Renaissance.

New Year's Eve at Four Seasons Nile Plaza

Have yourselves a saxy New Year at Upper Deck, or just indulge in as much chocolate as you can at Lobby Lounge before the new year - both at Four Seasons Nile Plaza. Also happening at the Four Seasons: an eight-course meal at - you guessed it- Eight, tapas at The Bar, wine and dine at Bella, or buffet it up at Zitouni.

New Year's Eve at Le Pacha 1902

It's a sultry night at Le Pacha 1902, between dinner at Piccolo Mondo, a Far Eastern affair at L'Asiatique, an Ottoman evening at On Top, a dance show at River Boat, and some good old-fashioned steak at Le Steak.

New Year's Eve at Cairo Marriott & Omar Khayyam

You can't go wrong with any of the events at Cairo Mariott and Omar Khayyam this New Year's Eve - the venues alone are enough to sell you on having an Egyptian Night, a steak to the sound of a violin at JW Steakhouse, a good meal and some guitar at Tuscany, a drink at Harry's Pub , or a fancy soirée at Saraya.

 New Year's Eve at SomaBay

If you've managed to get out of Cairo for New Year's and ended up in SomaBay, you're in luck. There's a night of cocktails at Westin; dinner, and dancing at Sheraton, followed by breakfast the next day; food, drinks, and a sweet serenade at Kempinski; or dance until the break of dawn followed by breakfast and yoga at Breakers.