Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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5 Easter Trends for 5 Spring Destinations in Egypt

We've rounded up this Easter's latest fashion trends to make your spring getaways a little more à la mode.

Staff Writer

With spring looming close and beach season right around the corner, we can't wait to dump our stuffy winter sweaters and show off our gym bodies in the latest Easter trends. Oh how we've missed the sun kissed look, curly beach hair and seaside fashion. And there are quite a few vogues this spring that see us baring all. Having successfully avoided the pains of waxing like the plague all winter (read all year), the time of reckoning has come and we've traded in the wax for the razor. But not before calling on experts in the field, Venus, for a few tips on how to show off our bodies with that glistening smooth feel and look. 

Their built-in lather strip is our savior as it allows for uninterrupted smoothness. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't exfoliate and moisturize, preferably with body butter. For the optimum shaving experience, make sure to keep your skin protected from the sun. 

And for our dry skin that gets in the way of that optimum shaving experience? It's recommended we wear season appropriate clothing to always keep our skin soft. So we've decided to round up a list of all this Easter's season appropriate fashion trends for beach destinations in Egypt. Wether you’re a Sahel kinda girl all about the latest swimsuit trends, or the athletic type going to Ras Sudr to catch up on your kite surfing moves or more of the boho-hippy kind of girl who finds herself in Dahab, you still need to take care of your skin while looking fabulous of course.  

Denim At Ras Sudr 

Known as the ultimate Kite surfing destination, Ras Sudr's is all about gorgeous unpretentious beaches and laid back vibes. And when we’re not kitesurfing in our awesome looking wet suits, we like to lounge around on the beach in some spring trends; Our main goal is to spend less time getting beach-ready and more time under the sun.Luckily, denim is back in (was it ever out?); Denim on denim, denim shorts, denim dresses, denim everything! So toss out last season’s crochet shorts and replace them with your favorite denim shorts which you begrudgingly put away for the winter season. And if you want to dress it up for your nightly chill sessions by the bar, throw on one of those cute tops with the detached color for sexy low-key look. Or Switch it up a bit with denim overalls. As long as it’s denim, you can’t go wrong this Easter.

You can find them at Boutique 51.


Gouna Is All About The Sequins

Gouna is the perfect mix of chilled sun soaking mornings and late night partying. So whether you're one of those morning nuisances that's the first to wake up on a trip, revved and ready to go or the night owl type on scavenging quest of all the hottest parties, this mini-city has both. Whichever type you are though, Gouna is all about the fashion. And this spring's trend is sequins, with the best thing about the trend being that it can turn any plain-Jane outfit into a jaw-dropping fashion statement. So give that white dress a little razzle-dazzle and throw on a sequins blazer for a night out on the town. Your shiny skin deserves to be complimented by a shiny blazer, don’t you think?

You can find them at Fad Fashion.

Dahab T-shirt Dresses 



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If you’re into something more chilled with a wind in your messy hair and ragged shorts sort of vibe then look no further than Dahab. This is the sanctuary for those of us who actually don't like dressing up and believe that lazying around by natural scenery is what holidays should be about. Just because we want to chill and snorkel though, doesn’t mean we can’t look trendy doing it. Loose T-shirt dresses are the best way to stay relaxed and comfortable while also keeping up with Easter’s 2018 trends. 

You can find them in Boho Galery. 

Sahel Sheer

Ah Sahel, home to all the beach fashion if there ever was such a thing. Nevertheless, we’re suckers for that Sahel beach runaway setting no matter how much we lament it. And its beaches can usually see the newest trends strutted along the shores of the Mediterranean. For this Sahel trip, ditch the sarongs and the mesh shirts and load up on sheer tops and tunics. That way you also get to show off your new bikini even when you’re not tanning.

You can find them at Boutique 51.

Sokhna Pastels

The perfect weekend getaway, Sokhna is where we go to get away from our uptight bosses and over the top families. And because it’s so close, we can take save the time it takes to pack the snacks or book the plane ticket and invest instead in picking out a stylish weekend wardrobe. We recommend pastels for the impromptu travel plans. With pastels being back in, we’ll be welcoming spring with a whole lot of pinks and blues which will create a harmony with your fair skin. And because it could get a little chilly at night, why not grab a sweater?

You can find them at Agrodolce Store.

Excuse us while we go plan our Easter trip. 

Main photo from Kojak.