Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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7 Bachelorette Destinations with Easy Visa Entry for Egyptians

A bachelorette for those wanting to go into holy matrimony with a bang.

Staff Writer

With wedding season in full swing, bachelorette parties are more or less the bridesmaids' most important task - one that should be planned with utmost attention to detail to ensure the bride is given a proper sendoff into marital bliss. The venues for the perfect bachelorette parties are endless if you keep in mind that the world’s your oyster and, in our humble opinion, if ever there was a time to go all out, it's as you say goodbye to the single life and all those wild nights. So here’s a list of countries with easy visa requirements for Egyptians, each offering something a little different to suit your - and the bride's - needs.


It's no secret that Beirut is one of the ultimate party destinations, having even had a few of their clubs opening up branches in other destinations in the Middle East such as Club White in Dubai. If that doesn't give them enough credibility as far as partying goes, the country's even got its own shot, the Doudou shot, which can only be found in Lebanon and a few other places. For one last round of partying before the vows, make it count by going on a pub crawl in Gemmayze. It's a strip filled with bars, clubs and restaurants. The architecture is gorgeous in that it's old school, so you get a bit of a Europe vibe. If you want a fancier version of the pub crawl, head to Mar Mekhayal. Once you're done with all the crawling, Beirut's got some of the best warehouse-turned-clubs in the Middle East, with BO18 having a killer 80s night. And because a girl gotta eat, one of the restaurants that come recommended by locals is Caprice, which is famous for its French nights.  For something a little more authentic, try out Falamanki. For accommodation, Small Ville hotel is a really cute mid-range option, so you can spend the chunk of your budget on partying.

Visa: Upon arrival + USD 2000 in your possession.

Plane Ticket price range: EGP 3000-5000.

Flight Distance (average): 1 hour.

Traveller's Tip: You can spend in USD or LP, as most places accept both.



For a bachelorette that's a little out-of-the-box, Jordan is the spot. Most famously know for its stunning ruins, one of Jordan's most beautiful sites is Petra. Also called the Rose City due to the colour of the stones with which they were built, having a picnic by so much history is an experience that won't be forgotten easily. If the bride's a fan of Indian Jones then bonus points to the bridesmaids, because The Last Crusade was shot there. Amman, which is teeming with history and culture, is home to a 2nd century Roman theatre, where concerts and shows are sometimes held - so you get to experience how the Romans partied back in the day (well, almost). It's also been restored so don't worry - it's safe. Once you're done with all that history, be sure to head to the Dead Sea. A dip in the Dead Sea is known to treat a variety of ailments including psoriasis, cellulite, allergies, dry skin and a bunch of other things. Once you've worked up enough of an appetite from all the cultured sight-seeing and the concert going, grab a bite at 7attouteh a family-owned restaurant that comes recommended for a spot of authentic Palestinian and Jordanian food, at a reasonable price. 

Visa: Upon arrival.

Plane Ticket Price Range: EGP 5000-6000.

Flight Distance: 1 hour.

Traveller's Tip: Check out the Living Room. It's a cosy restaurant styled like a typical Jordanian home and has great food. 


If you want replace the status quo stripper and belly dancers of a bachelorette with hungry giraffes (because let’s face it they’re much cuter), then Kenya is a great option. Give the bride a holiday she'll never forget by getting up close and personal with the wildlife (not all of them though, maybe stay away from the lions). Kenya's known for its magnanimous big five: lions, leopards, African buffaloes, elephants and rhinoceroses. For hotels, the Giraffe Manor is a lovely boutique hotel in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. The hotel’s gentle giants, the Roshschild Giraffes, will sometimes pop in for a quick visit and on occasion and eat straight of your plate. Adorbs! For the thrill-seekers, Mt. Kenya National Park is a guaranteed triple treat: it's got endangered species that you have to climb, cave or camp to get to, with breath-taking scenery to boot.

Visa: Upon arrival.

Plane Ticket Price Range: EGP 6,000-12,000.

Travel Time: 4–5 hours.

Traveller's Tip: If you’re looking for something more up-close and don’t mind meeting a swarm of monkeys with no regard for your personal space, check out City Park. Go with peanuts in hand. They’re quite cheeky though so watch out when they’re grabbing for the peanuts.  


We know it's a cliché honeymooners spot, but it's all about the packaging baby. Think of the Maldives as the perfect stretch of paradise where you get to unwind, relax, sip on tropical cocktails and no man in sight to kick up a fuss or ruin your holiday. Well, except the hot cabana boy and that'll probably be the good kind of drama. Aside from hotties and cocktails, the Maldives is home to several gorgeous underwater restaurants, one of which is the largest all-glass venue, located in Hurawalhi Island resort. Also, because we're not 90 years old, there's always room for a quick clubbing sesh once the relaxing is done. Check out the Subsix at Niyama private islands (depending on which island you decide to spend your vaycay on). It's an underwater club and definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. Add underwater wining and shore. 

Visa: Upon arrival.

Plane Ticket Price Range: EGP 17,000-25,000.

Travel Time: 9-10 hours.

Traveller's tip: Unfortunately there aren't any direct flights from Cairo so check airlines other than Egypt Air.


Mozambique actually boasts of some pretty beautiful coastlines, so it makes sense that its known to have some of the most delicious fresh seafood and is also known for the Portuguese influences in it's dishes. While the seafood is what’s recommended most, you should definitely try the Prego rolls which is steak covered in peri peri sauce inside a Portuguese roll. If you want something a little more fine dining, check out Dhow Mozambique in Maputo for some contemporary European fusion with a sea view. Again, no visit is ever complete without your 'cheap-eats', often the tastiest on any destination’s local menu. Sandes De Quejo is a more affordable alternative to Prego Rolls: engorged with cheese and nothing but cheese, then toasted to perfection, these sandwiches can be found in any food market or street stall. For another bite of local cuisine, we haven’t forgotten the staple dish of Mozambique: grilled prawns. You'll find these little babies just about everywhere, but the best place to eat them would be by a stall on the beach. Last but not Least, no meal is ever truly satisfying without a drink. From fruit juices to palm wine, Mozambique has plenty of local drinks to offer. Pombe being one of the main ones, it's often considered one of the most potent drinks you can find, made with maize, mango, cassava, cashew fruit and sugar cane and left to ferment for several days. Yum.

Visa: No visa required.

Plane Ticket Price Range: EGP 14,000-28,000.

Travel Time: 10 hours.

Traveller's Tip: Try out Mozambique’s very own beers, 2M, Laurentina and Manica.



Dakar, Senagal’s capital, is a vibrant city known for it’s markets and musical culture. And if your bachelorette so happens to be in Saint Louis, be sure to catch the world-renown Saint Louis Jazz festival, which sees some of the biggest names in jazz coming to perform. Either way, Saint Louis is definitely worth a trip. You can take public transport, seven seated taxis, private cars or mini care from the capital, the latter being slightly cheaper than the seven seated taxis. One of the options for accommodation is Au Fil Du Fleuve, which is a quaint guesthouse that comes with raving reviews. Senegal is known for the French influences within the culture so maybe make time to try one of their French restaurants, not least La Crepe Louisienne. Senegal also has a truly impressive burgeoning art scene, so head to the Village des Arts in Dakar to meet local artists and check out their on-site gallery.

Visa: No visa required.

Plane Ticket Price Range: EGP 13,000-17,000.

Travel Time: 9-10 hours.

Traveller's Tip: Ile de Fadiouth, one of many islands scattered around the country, is entirely (yes, entirely) made out of shells. Houses, graveyards, and streets are made from mollusk shells.


While Indonesia is another destination more famously known as a honeymoon spot or a couples’ destination, it's actually something of an explorer’s paradise. For one, they’ve got several hiking trails; Mt. Bromo in East Java, Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur in Bali. Naturally, the country boasts of some of the best views you can find, so maybe pack a picnic and hike up one of the volcanoes - yes, volcanoes - for one last Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment. If you're looking to face your fear of heights then try out the swing over the tree tops and Lake Buyan. Eek.

Visa: Upon Arrival (Security clearance is needed from Mogamaa')

Plane Ticket Price Range: EGP 14,000-20,000

Travel Time: 14-15 hours

Traveller's tip: If you're a coffee fiend, try out Revolver Espresso