Sunday June 16th, 2024
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10 Stunning Photos of the Temple of Hathor in Upper Egypt

You'd expect nothing less for the goddess of love and beauty.

Staff Writer

10 Stunning Photos of the Temple of Hathor in Upper Egypt

Every other week, it seems like archaeologists are announcing new discoveries around Egypt – whether sarcophagi, mummified cats, ancient love spells or even socks. So much so, in fact, that these new discoveries – well not, necessarily socks and hypothetical love potions – resigning the old, old stuff to being just another artefact or temple.

One photographer, however, has reignited interest in the often ignored, lesser-known Dendera Temple in the Upper Egyptian city of Qena - particularly the Temple of Hathor.

The city of Dendera, located on the west bank of the Nile about 60 km to the north of Luxor, was once the cult centre for the Hathor- goddess of love, beauty, music, and dance.

The temple complex is of the most well-preserved ancient structures in the world, with the Temple of Hathor being the largest and most impressive of the lot. 

What makes the Temple of Hathor so stunning is not only its origins and its prime condition, but the designs themselves inside.

The colour scheme is splashed with gorgeous shades of turquoise and teal, the hieroglyphics and illustrations inside with impeccable symmetry for its time.

One of the reasons it's believed that the temple is in such good condition is the fact that it has been modified several times, starting in the Middle Kingdom, all the way up to the rule of Roman emperor, Trajan.

The Dendera Complex as a hole stands as one of the most accessible ancient Egyptian temples, with visitors able to explore virtually every part of it.

Images courtesy of Reem Osama on Facebook.