Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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The Ultimate Guide to Watching the World Cup Final at Cairo Jazz Club 610

With the World Cup coming close to an end, we've found the perfect spot to watch the final: Cairo Jazz Club 610.

Staff Writer

While we may disagree on a variety of things, as Egyptians there is one thing that we can all agree on; our love of football. We may not cheer the same teams, like the same players or even particularly like each other but once football season comes around, we all put our differences aside and come together in support of our favourite teams. With the World Cup being the father of all football events, where we choose to watch the final is of utmost importance and will most likely make or break our day. And what better place to watch it than Cairo Jazz Club 610 (CJC 610), so we've brought you the ultimate guide to watching the World Cup final at the 6th of October bar. 

Do Order the Nachos

You’ll probably get hungry from all that cheering so make sure to keep your energy levels up throughout the whole match with CJC 610’s selection of delish appetisers. Our personal favourite is the nachos but they’ve got plenty of other finger food. We’re not about to waste time trying to cut into a steak and risk missing a defining moment in the match. If you’re more of the elegant type, perhaps order their cheese platter to go with your bottle of wine.

Don’t Wear an Egyptian Team Jersey

You don’t want to be shunned so make sure you’re dressed appropriately. If you’re going to be wearing any jersey, make sure it’s the playing teams. While some might admire your loyalty for wearing the country’s jersey, you’ll just end up looking like an idiot.

Do Bring a Date

Turn the world cup final into date night with the missus as the venue is suitable for everyone. Besides you know what they say, couples who watch football together, stay together. Once you’re done, you can continue the celebrations by partying at CJC 610. It just so happens that DJ Sebzz will be taking over once the football festivities are done. 

Don’t Call Out the Wrong Name

We think this is pretty solid advice for any situation, really. But for those of us who aren’t die-hard football fans yet still enjoy taking part in the world cup frenzy, brushing up on the players’ names and team colours is probably a good a idea.   

Do Have a Beer

While alcohol isn’t the solution to everything, it is in this case. If your team wins, you get to have celebratory beers and if they lose, well as the saying goes, while we may not have the solution, mend your broken heart with more beers. Either way it’s a win-win for us. If beer’s not your beverage of choice, CJC 610 has some pretty cool cocktails too.   

Don’t Bring Up the Past

We were all terribly upset at Egypt's loss in the last game of the group stage and what ensued was rage for some and sadness for others. Point is, we don’t need to be reminded of such a sad time in Egypt’s history. Think happy thoughts and focus on sending good vibes to those who made it to the final.