Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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200 Shams Fuses Funk and Retropop in Debut EP ‘Leela Fil-Disko’

The EP is a fusion of funk, psychedelia, and North African retro-pop

Ahmed Khalaf

He sings, he produces, he engineers the sound, 200 Shams even fuses funk and psychedelia with North African retro pop in his debut EP ‘Leela Fil-Disko’.

After teasing with a number of singles experimenting with different sounds ranging from old school hip-hop, retro funk, neo-psychedelia, and post-disco on the side, 200 Shams, who also goes by Ahmed Ragy, delves into a funk spectacle debut consisting of three symphonous tracks, with artwork and photography done by Droogs founder Bassem Fox.

Inspired by Egyptian, Libyan, Tunisian, and Lebanese 80’s alternative and indie pop, as well as a dash of disco and bags of psychedelia, the EP kicks off with ‘Habiba’, an atmospherical track full of tight percussions and synth sounds.

The second, eventful track ‘Leela Fil-Disko’ maintains a North African mood through percussions which transform mid-way to a funk phenomena mixed with Eastern drums and a rigid bass.

Finishing up is ‘Ya Reet Nebda Youm Gdeed’, a euphonik production and a minute of emotional progressions accompanied by a beach ambience to complete the chill mood.