Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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A Tropical Twist for Wegz and L5VAV in Afro-Beat Inspired ‘Khod W Hat’

The (unexpectedly) summery, Afrobeat-inspired sound is the perfect blend for your beach days.

Ahmed Khalaf

Just in time for a booty-shaking summer, Wegz and L5VAV have collaborated on Afrobeat-inspired track, ‘Khod W Hat’, a tasty divergence from their characterising trap sounds.The pair have frequently collaborated but are experimenting with a new colour. Boasting the venerable Nader Soliman as sound engineer and with a tropical aura produced by Rahal, the track’s steering Afrobeat percussions are fused with a tropical guitar riff and vocal chops to produce a refreshingly flavoured blend for your beach days.

Tweaking their styles to match the afrobeats-inspired beat, Wegz and L5VAV can be confident that it’s a well-received sound, having racked up almost half a million views in 16 hours.