Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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ABADIR Releases Title Track Of Upcoming Debut Album 'Mutate'

The first and lead single off ‘Mutate’ sees ABADIR moving gracefully through Jungle, Juke, and Maqsoum.

Ahmed Khalaf

ABADIR’S direction isn’t for the faint of heart. The complexity of his productions, intense and hazardous, has established ABADIR as one of the finest producers and sound designers Cairo has to offer. Drawing from jangling sounds like jungle, Jersey Club, Reggaeton, and Footwork, his style relies heavily on dire bass selections and nasty chops, giving birth to unstable sonic explosiveness.

His latest explorations saw him experimenting with Maqsoum rhythms over high bpm club sounds that gave birth to ‘Mutate’. This idea began when ABADIR tried out Maqsoum loops over Jungle tracks during one of his live sets, and the rest is history.

The first and lead single off ‘Mutate’ sees ABADIR drifting through Jungle, Juke, and Maqsoum, three highly rhythmic styles. This could be considered ABADIR’s impression of the album; a macro view of the producer’s demented aesthetic. The track begins with flickering vocal chops, instantly introducing drums and bass–a walloping groove that fuses snappy percussion with syncopated hi-hats. Following the first minute, ABADIR introduces fan-favorite Maqsoum drums to further enhance the groove of his creation–followed by a thumping thunderstorm of kick-heaven.

ABADIR's highly anticipated ‘Mutate’ album will be released on China-based label SVBKVLT on the 22nd of July. Check out ‘Mutate’ below.