Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Abdalrhman Dives Headfirst into an Experimental Abyss in ‘Last Train’

A beautiful blend of ambient and IDM in a minimal yet abrasive track from a producer who understands the power of sound.

Ahmed Khalaf

The experimental scene is on the rise - if you can say that of a ‘genre’ that is by its very nature indefinable. Producers now are focusing more on what sound can do and the endless possibilities that audio can offer. Some would consider these types of music as ‘noise’ but it takes a higher level of listening to grasp the idea behind an experimental track. Enters out-of-the-ordinary producer, Abdalrhman, who has consistently shown his appreciation and love for the art of sound.

‘Last Train’ is a three-minute track of pure electronic chaos; a thunderstorm of experimental madness. The heavily-reverbed pad almost sounds like vocal chants, drones throughout the song, while heavily-distorted percussion loops lift the whole track into a whole new atmosphere. It holds agabber-like, IDM feel thanks to the very specific, chopped arrangement of the drums, as well as the insane amount of effects and processing being made on the percussion.
Such a wild sound demands a wild visual and SKAFF Studio oblige with a fitting visual representation of a track that can hardly be put into words.