Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Abu Recordings' Ibn Itaka Returns with Camden Malik in ‘Primetime’

Seven tracks in 15 minutes, it’s a quick-headbanger to fulfill trap cravings.

Ahmed Khalaf

After some radio silence, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-based label Abu Recordings is back with a new trap album Primetime, courtesy of the eclectic aficionado of producer, DRC’s Ibn Itaka, alongside California-based rapper Camden Malik.

Abu Recordings has been driven by a vision of promoting African and Arab talents by shining a spotlight on the regions’ overlooked artists. Established in 2017 by three roommates, Ibn Itaka, Musa, and AXJ2000, the label has pumped out sounds incorporating the acidity of electro, mellow minimal, and trap.With a fast-paced beat from Ibn Itaka’s sampling skills and mastery of arrangements, Camden Malik’s rapid flow fuses in a fine manner as the duo showcases fluent understanding of one another’s styles.

Ibn Itaka’s stronger kicks and sub bass of ‘360’ especially matches Camden Malik’s lyrical style, while the closing track ‘High’ sees the producer collaborate with Lisa Gardenia with a beat incorporating an intentionally muddled sound through boosted 808 distortions.