Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Abysuif & Perrie are King & Queen of the Kingdom in ‘MAMLAKA’

The El-Mexic compadres go hard in a track that sees Abyusif take a break from the melancholic introspective music he's been makin in recent times.

Scene Noise

After her debut EP 12:01AM went a long way to fulfilling the promise many had seen, Perrie has made another mark, this time as part of new Abyusif track and video, ‘MAMLAKA’. Abyo has been something of a mentor for Perrie as she makes her way into the thorny Egyptian rap scene and counts among the ranks of El Mexic, a collective completed by Abo El Anwar, Lil Baba and (sometimes) Ahmed Santa.

The track marks a divergence from the melancholic, introspective music that Abysuif has been making in recent times. This is a fine return to a balls-to-the-wall, in your face, all-action piece, as the two set and rule their ‘kingdom’. The video, directed by Mohsen Sherif, mirrors the trap track’s manic energy and offers ample space for Perrie, who in both the track and the video never gets overawed by her more accomplished collaborator, and makes herself invaluable to the track, beyond being a featured artist. 

On the part of Abysuif, this kind of aggressive vocal style that was once his trademark comes as a nice little refresh and more of the same would be more than welcome.