Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Abyusif & Marwan Moussa Trade Diss Tracks as War of Words Reignites

Egypt's top rappers are at it again, wasting no time in reigniting a war of words that continues to be the talk of the scene.

Scene Noise

We've barely broken into the new year, but - true to form - Egypt's top rappers are at each other's throats again, namely the troops of two camps, El Mexic and Ra2s Mal.We can track this latest leg of disses to ‘Big Mafia’ (December 29th) which saw Marwan Moussa take aim at El Mexic’s Abo El Anwar - a slight that was promptly replied to in Abyusif’s ‘Ana Olt Sit’ (December 31st). Another Ra2s Mal member, Afroto, then fired shots of his own in the video for his latest single ‘Tege Goal’ (check out the close-up of the newspaper headline and Afroto donning a Brazil football shirt makes sense).Not to be outdone, Moussa clapped back at Abyusif in the latest chapter of the war with ‘Skhent Gamed’, which pabed the way for another Abyusif masterclass in 'Termometer'.Only time will tell as to where this battle is headed and while Abyusif, Afroto and Moussa share something of a storied history of diss track between each other, it seems that more friends and foes are being dragged into it. There’s an argument to be made that this particular element of rap music only serves to drag it down However, purists will know that it is part and parcel of the genre, a healthy sense of competition in a genre that was born in the streets. Lets just hope it doesn't spill out of studios and social media.