Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Abyusif Strikes Again with New Track ‘Stop’ Ahead of Upcoming Album

With Lil Baba on the beat again, the track offers another small window into the Egyptian rapper's next album.

Scene Noise

Refusing to rest, Abyusif dropped his third release of the week, ‘Stop’, which also happens to be the third track teasing the sound of his upcoming album ‘Neon’, his second album of the year. That’s a lot of counting, now let’s get listening.

With El-Mexic resident producer Lil Baba blessing the beat, Abyusif stays tight to a reliable partner in the track, after the pair worked together for ‘Gazar’ last week. The track’s attack-on-the-ear 808s and a minimal melody becomes the main focus of the beat, fitting flawlessly alongside the hi-hat rolls. Finessed with a simple and catchy chorus, we’re invited to sing along to the lively song.