Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Afroto Announces First European Tour

Alexanrian rapper Afroto brings his music to various cities in Europe, including Milan, London and Vienna.

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Afroto Announces First European Tour

Alexandrian rapper Afroto, known for his string of recent hits, is bringing his music to Europe for the first time this May, where he will be performing in several cities across the continent including London, Milan and Vienna.

A rising star from the Ra2s Mal collective, Afroto is known for his fusion of catchy trap and sha'aby sounds.  Some of his tracks, like ‘BRAZIL’ and ‘Segara’, were produced by his longtime collaborator and labelmate Marwan Moussa. Together, they've built a reputation for crafting infectious trap tunes.

Afroto joins the growing list of Egyptian rappers finding international success, following in the footsteps of Abyusif, Wegz and Marwan Pablo. His ability to blend pop sensibilities with hip-hop energy has solidified him as a leading voice in his generation's music scene.