Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Album Spotlight: ‘2oll Ya Rayek’ by El Sawareekh

SceneNoise sits down with Dokdok and Fanky, the artists behind the famed Mahraganat act, El Sawareekh to gain insight into their work and their recent EP ‘2oll Ya Rayek’.

Scene Noise

Album Spotlight: ‘2oll Ya Rayek’ by El Sawareekh

With ear-worming viral hits like ‘Laa’ and ‘Eda Eda’, the Egyptian duo El Sawareekh has been pushing Mahraganat forward while being key players in popularizing and defining the genre.  
The group consists of two members, Dokdok and Fanky, who have been steadily releasing music together for nearly a decade. Their instantly identifiable sound is driven by catchy beats, infectious hooks, humour and bold lyrics that, at times address social issues.

Sawareekh's music and style have made them one of the most recognizable acts in the Egyptian music scene, and their popularity continues to grow with each banger they release. 
In this Album Spotlight, the duo discuss their new EP, ‘2oll Ya Rayek’, while also talking about their strive for originality in addition to unpacking their creative process. We also hear from Ehab Coolpix, a co-producer on the album, who discusses the unique blend of elements that make up Mahraganat. 

Later, we learn more from the duo about the album’s themes, and how it is driven by concepts of future tech, and Mahraganat in the metaverse. But there is also a deeper message beneath the surface of the EP’s title track ‘2oll Ya Rayek’, as said in the interview, they are also hoping to “send a message to the youth to try to stay away from substance abuse.”

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