Wednesday November 29th, 2023
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Album Spotlight: LAÏ - ‘Digital’

SceneNoise sits down with Lebanese artists LAÏ to discuss her debut EP ‘Digital’ and her signature Anti-Pop style.

Maha ElNabawi

Lebanese singer-songwriter LAÏ drops her debut EP ‘Digital’, where her fictionalised protagonist  transforms into a cyborg trying to reconcile a digital existence. Having just moved to Egypt a couple of months ago, SceneNoise got the chance to sit down with LAÏ for an exclusive interview where she unpacks key moments of 'Digital’.

Since releasing her first single, ‘Blue Heart’ in 2020 at twenty-two years old, LAÏ has been pushing the boundaries of pop music into a style that is becoming entirely her own. Driven by her self proclaimed Anti-pop style, dark and moody atmospheres, Arabic undertones, synthesizers, and catchy lyricism, LAÏ’s first solo EP, ‘Digital’ pushes this combination of elements further to create a body of work that truly standouts.

In the years between her first release and ‘Digital’ LAÏ has already become an artist to watch with the release of tracks like, ‘Shabah’ with pioneering producer El Waili, and ‘Aaref Halak Meen’ in collaboration with Molotof. As we wrote in an earlier review of her work, “LAÏ ’s take on Electro-Shaabi sees her adding an element of Arabic pop to the genre by embracing a bright and lively vocal style that brings iconic acts such as Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe to mind.”