Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Album Spotlight: ‘Pantomime’ by Hatem El Chiati & Omar Emara

They've been making music together for the better part of a decade and, now, the collaborators and friends have finally released their first album together.

Scene Noise

For the better part of a decade, Egyptian musicians, Hatem El Chiati and Omar Emara, have made music together, their partnership defined by continuous process of creation and experimentation that was both born of and strengthened their bond as friends. 

Somewhere down the line, their musical paths diverged but around three years ago, the duo finally decided to record and release music together. The result is ‘Pantomime’, a five-track EP that sees the partners-in-crime explore themes of struggle through the lens of jazz and soul-inspired soundscape. It’s emotional, it’s personal and it’s uninhibited, a showcase of the chemistry the two have developed over the years as found out of an album that has essentially been ten years in-the-making when we sat down with them for an exclusive interview.