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Anghami Charts: The 10 Most Streamed Arab Rap Tracks of May 2021

Egyptian rappers dominate the top 10 charts on Anghami, though there's room for a newcomer from Palestine and a Syrian rapper garnering millions of listens.

It wouldn’t be at all hyperbolic to say that rap has steamrollered through the independent music scene across the Middle East, standing as the most popular genre in the region, from Morocco to Palestine and everywhere in-between.

The real question, however, is who are music fans listening to? Well, we’ve teamed up with Anghami to bring you another roundup list of the biggest tracks in the Middle East and North African rap scenes for May 2021, as per the streaming platform’s charts. Familiar names dominated the charts, with Egypt being the most represented in the top ten - though there is room for a dark (and debuting) horse from Palestine and an entry from Syria that may surprise some...

1.  'Asyad Elsoot' by Wegz & LZHYMR (Egypt)

2. 'Soul' by Sam37 Albasha (Syria)

3. 'CTRL' by Marwan Pablo4. 'Ghaba' by Marwan Pablo

5. 'Fokak' by Double Zuksh ft. 3enaba

6. 'Inn Ann' by Daboor ft. Shabjdeed

7. 'Tesla' by Marwan Moussa

8. 'Msh Fair' by Wegz

9. 'El-Ghasala' by Wegz x Nader Mazzika

10. 'Dorak Gai' by Wegz ft. Molotof

The charts are based on the number of streams only during May 2021. Check out more charts across a whole range of genres at Anghami.