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‘Anghami Lab’ Invites Musicians to Collaborate, Experiment & Perform

A new concept by the streaming platform is set to bring together studio, a stage and one or two surprises all in the name of collaboration and providing a space for musicians.

We at SceneNoise, as much as anyone, have often lamented the lack of opportunities afforded to independent musicians across the Arab world, pined for the day that rappers, metal-heads, experimentalists and basically anyone not doing mainstream Arabic pop to be given their proper due. It’s the reason a platform like SceneNoise exists, to shine a light on the incredibly deep and eclectic pool of musical talent in the region. It’s the reason for docu-series like 8 Bars, which put the spotlight on Egypt’s rising rappers, and event series such as Fresh Meat, which gives up-and-coming DJs a chance to perform.

There are other pockets of similar efforts around the region, exceptional people, institutions and initiatives, all working towards the same goal - and we can add Anghami to that list, now, too. 

To be fair, as a platform born in the region, Anghami has looked after the ‘small guy’, and worked with many independent musicians - a critical step in getting these guys out there to as large an audience as possible. On that front, they've succeeded and you need only to look at the numbers being racked-up on the platform by Arab artists. In Anghami Lab, however, they’ve taken a giant leap in their efforts.

Announced this week, Anghami Lab is shaping up to be something utterly unique. Essentially, it's a venue - but there’s a whole load more going on. Coming as a collaboration with Addmind - the hospitality giant behind the likes of White, Iris and Clap in the region - it features a lounge, a stage and a studio, which together form a space for musicians to collaborate on original music to be performed on-stage, before these magnum opuses are uploaded on the Anghami app for the world to hear. In bringing together the online and offline worlds, the app will also include special features specifically for the Lab to round off what is a unique experience all round.

Another critical element of Anghami Lab is to, in one way or another, promote and maintain Arab culture and give it a place in the world amongst others, a sentiment echoed by CEO of Addmind, Tony Habre. 

“Anghami have elevated the value of the music industry in the Middle East as a whole,” he said of his new partner, adding that “Anghami Lab is an amazing and unique concept that embodies our rich Arab culture with an international twist.”

It all sounds great, but now the real questions are when, where and ‘how? We’ll have to wait, but not too long. The first Lab is set to be established in Anghami’s home of Dubai in early 2022, before more are opened in Cairo, Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo and Beirut - and there are even plans to establish labs in London, New York, LA and the world's other global cities.

The how? Only time will tell - stay tuned.