Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Anghami & Saudi Music Commission Launch ‘Moja’ to Empower Future Stars

Saudi musicians, #ItsYourTime to seize the moment and take the next steps in your career with MOJA!

Youssef Armanios

Anghami & Saudi Music Commission Launch ‘Moja’ to Empower Future Stars

The Saudi Music Commission has just announced the launch of the ‘MOJA’ program in collaboration with Anghami, the leading music streaming platform in the MENA region. Under the slogan ‘#ItsYourTime’, MOJA aims to empower Saudi musical communities, support emerging talent and elevate the skills of local artists.

The MOJA program is set to provide Saudi music graduates and artists with the essential skills to launch their careers in the musical world, through a series of carefully selected workshops delivered by professional producers, sound engineers, singers and composers.

"Building on the unprecedented success of our partnership with the Saudi Music Commission in creating ‘Sound of Saudi’, the region's largest music talent hunt and competition on social media, we could see the abundance of exceptional talents that we believe can captivate the global music scene if given the right opportunities," Elie Habib, Anghami's co founder and CTO, tells SceneNoise. "Anghami prides itself in being an empowering force for the region's talents and we couldn't be happier to launch MOJA, the transformative music wave incubator that identifies, nurtures and mentors talents as they embark upon their journey into the world of music.”

The program’s tracks include lyric writing, music production and studio techniques, writing and composing music, as well as mixing and post-production. There are five genre categories students can choose from, namely Hip-Hop, Remix, Tarab, Classical and Saudi Pop.

MOJA seeks to graduate 100 artists who will have a full professional production of their first song and a fully accredited certificate with access to various programs with the Saudi Musical Center and the Saudi Music Authority.

“MOJA is an initiative that will redefine the Saudi music scene at the international level,” Paul Pacifico, the CEO of the Saudi Music Commission, says. “Through this program, we not only promote the growth of new musical talents, but also enable them to display their unique art to the world. The program will firmly position Saudi Arabia at the forefront as a hub for musical innovation and creative experimentation.”

Application submissions have opened with a deadline set on August 30th. Workshops held in Riyadh will span from August 27th to September 28th, with graduation taking place on October 7th. Applicants need to be residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a minimum age of 16.

For more information visit the official MOJA page on Aghami’s website.